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The“LIL Beaver” Firewood Processor is the most economical and perfect machine for getting your firewood business off the ground.

Highly mobile and designed with the homeowner, farmer, or contract firewood producer in mind. This “one” operator machine will quickly and efficiently cut and split logs up to 16+” in diameter and 12’+ long at a rate of up to 1.0 + full cords per hour.

This unit is extremely powerful!!  Boasting a  11 GPM PTO. Honda GX 390 gas, Subaru 14 hp optional.  A 3 1/2” bore 2 ½” rod   specifically designed and engineered hydraulic welded cylinder with a 24” stroke for “fast splitting” hydraulic saw, 2/4 way adjustable wedge. . “ LIL Beaver” packages starts at only $9,495.00.

This machine can easily be towed behind a pick-up truck with the optional highway wheel package with lights, 2” ball or towed on site with an ATV.  Optional 8’ on board stacking conveyor, live in feed and a hydraulic log lift or any deck option and YOU can make processing wood as easy as a ”Lil Beaver.”

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Maximum  Value  and Performance  at  a  Minimum Price!!!


• 1+ cords per hour (128 cubic feet) approximate
• Splits wood from 3” to 24” length
• Maximum log length 12’+
• Splitter cycle time “Super Fast” 5 to 6 seconds (full cycle)
• Adjustable 2/4 way wedge

Specifications:lil beaver in action

• PTO. Optional $ Honda GX 390, Subaru 14HP
• Low oil pressure shut-down
• 2/4 Way splitter wedge adjustable
• 17 Ton splitting force
• Roller in feed conveyor for continuous feed
• Hydraulic driven 18” 3/8 58 gauge harvester saw bar/chain combination
• Manual saw bar and wedge adjustment
• Automatic manual clamping system for simple operation
• Adjustable log length gauge
• Protective lock out cover and safety screen for excellent visibility log lift
• Firewood cleanout grate
• Unit weight base #1845
• Oversized 15/22 gallon hyd. oil system



PDF iconWood Beaver Owners Manual


Package Pricing: Comes with above Specifications

PTO, 3 point and for pockets pkg. $9.495.00
W/ Above Honda GX390 or Subaru 14 HP $9.995.00
W/ Above Add highway 3500# axle package, 2″ lights $10,495.00
W/ Above Add live infeed and 8′ conveyor $13,995.00
W/ Above Add easy option Hyd. Control saw bar raise / lower $15,995.00
        and Hyd. Powered wedge raise / lower
W/ Above Loaded! Easy add attached Dead deck or hydraulic log lift $17,995.00
W/ Above Add 2 strand Hyd. Live deck in lieu of DD or LL $19,845.00
NEW for 2015 – DLX Model with Regenerative Hyd. System $1,195.00

Options: If not in Pkg. Mix and Match

 8’ on board conveyor system  $2,000
 Live in feed Standard length  $1,500.00
 3’ Extension on live in feed  $500.00
 (Required for decks or log lift)
 Hydraulic Easy Controls for saw and wedge raise/lower  $2,000
 Deduct control hyd. wedge raise/lower  ($750.00)
 Honda, Subaru or electric start opt.  $350.00
 Hydraulic Log Lift Attached  $2,000.00
2 Strand  Live Log Deck Attached $3,850.00
2 Strand attached Dead Deck $2,000.00
48” Adjustable wood chute $250.00
3 Strand Convertible dead deck $1,650.00
 6 Way Axe Edge wedge $495.00