Hand Crank Firewood Bundler

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A hand crank firewood bundler is a handy tool for storing firewood in the garage, shed, or attic. It consists of three pieces of cord on each side and legs to hold the firewood in place. Using three parts of the line, the bundler can save a bundle of firewood of varying lengths.

Hud-Son Forest Equipment

The Hud-Son hand crank firewood bundler is lightweight and compact, with a sturdy frame that makes it easy to use. It can wrap firewood from 14 to 24 inches long and up to one entire cube. The unit comes standard with an 11-inch wrap and a hand crank that covers the wood.

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This unit can bundle one cubic foot of firewood in less than 15 seconds. It also has a foot control switch for ease of operation. This bundler is suitable for homes that do not have electricity. However, the electric-powered model offers increased production capabilities. It also has a manual start/stop button, so you can stop the machine if necessary.

Twister Industries

A Twister Industries hand-crank firewood bundler offers a variety of advantages. These include its cost-effectiveness and efficiency. In addition, the bundler can easily bundle firewood up to 1.25 cubic feet. This makes it an ideal choice for campgrounds and convenience stores. It can also be easily converted to multiple bundle sizes and is adjustable to fit the user’s height.

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The firewood bundler wraps the split wood into compact bundles, each containing seven to nine pieces. The bundles can be sold in campgrounds, convenience stores, or local markets, generating as much as twice the profit of individual components. To make a significant profit, you can sell the bundled firewood at a local market or campground for between $3 and $9 per bundle.

The Twister Industries hand crank firewood bundler has a convenient handle that can be turned with one hand. This model is available in 12″x12″ and 10″x10″ bundle sizes. An electric version is available as well. You can purchase multiple bundles for single or multiple wood-burning units.

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A firewood bundler will save you time and energy by allowing you to bundle firewood faster. These machines can wrap firewood in 12 to 15 seconds. Loading and unloading will take just a few seconds. The best firewood bundlers also allow you to control the size of each bundle. These bundlers also ensure a clean, neat pile.

As insurance costs escalate, a firewood company’s expansion becomes more difficult. Automating their operations is a necessity to remain competitive. The Multitek firewood processor and Twister Industries hand crank firewood bundler enable pieces of equipment to keep up with the ever-growing firewood business.

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