Types of Firewood Bundlers

If you’re considering buying a firewood bundler, several different types are available on the market. This article discusses Twister Industries’ double bundler, Hud-Son’s electric-powered bundler, and Orbital’s wrapper. These firewood bundlers will help you gather and bundle your wood more efficiently and effectively.

Twister Industries

Twister Industries has been in business since 1992, and its products are available across the United States. They make a variety of firewood bundlers, handles for bundles, and plastic wraps. The company is committed to the firewood industry and produces quality products. They are located in Mora, Minnesota; Twister Industries ships throughout the United States.

Twister Industries is a firewood wrapping and processing equipment manufacturer in Mora, Minnesota. The company also makes conveyors, splitters, and conveyors, as well as other equipment for firewood processing. They have several different models and motors for their machines. Their dedication to firewood processing has allowed them to make many types of firewood bundlers.

The Twister firewood wrapping system is an efficient way to wrap firewood bundles. It is designed to cover firewood 12″-24″ long in about 12-15 seconds. Loading and unloading are easy, and the wrapper can wrap up to 45 bundles per hour. The system also offers the convenience of measuring bundle size.

The Twister firewood bundler is portable, with wheels that roll like two-wheelers. The system is easy to use, with a small footprint of 37 inches wide and 40 inches deep. The unit weighs 230 pounds and can be transported from one location to another. As the company says, they are the original firewood wrapping system!

A firewood bundler can be an excellent investment if you want to sell your bundles at local campgrounds or convenience stores. Bundling firewood allows you to maximize the money you earn by selling them. The average bundle can sell for $3 to $9, making your profit margin more than double.

Electric-powered double bundler

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to bundle your firewood, an Electric powered double firewood bundler is the answer. While hand crank versions can be convenient in locations without 110v power, electric models are much more convenient and increase production. They also have an adjustable number of bundler arm revolutions.

A firewood bundler is a great way to package your firewood for sale. It’s quick and easy to use, enabling you to bundle firewood up to 14″ long and one to nine” wide. These firewood bundles are very popular at local markets, campgrounds, and convenience stores and can bring in as much as per bundle.

An Electric powered double firewood bundler works by compressing firewood pieces into a tightly bound bundle. A strap then secures this bundle. Its electro-pneumatic system provides the ability to sequence the process automatically. Once the wood is adequately compressed, the pile is large enough to serve as a fireplace log.

The Electric powered double firewood bundler can bundle up to six bundles at a time, so the machine can easily handle large stacks of firewood. It can also be used to bundle smaller amounts of firewood for sale. With the threat of invasive insects (emerald ash borer), more people are turning to pre-packaged firewood. If you live near a campground, you can sell pre-packaged bundles to campground customers. Many people who go there purchase these bundles when they arrive and want to save money on moving firewood.

Another advantage of an electric firewood bundler is that they don’t use gas. They’re much cheaper to purchase and operate than combi machines. And they’re eco-friendly, too. If you use solar or wind power at home, an electric-powered double firewood bundler is an excellent choice. They can reduce your overall carbon footprint, reduce your fuel costs, and provide clean air.

Orbital wrapper

If you’re looking to bundle large amounts of firewood, an orbital firewood bundler is a great tool to consider. These machines can wrap a large volume of wood in less time and offer superior load containment. Many different bundlers are available, including an orbital pallet wrapper.

This device consists of a base member 15 and two vertical arm members 20 and 25 that are adapted to wrap a bundle of firewood. The base member 15 is preferably an H-shaped member with a crossbar section 18 attached between the leg sections 17 of the base member. As shown in FIG. 3, the crossbar section 18 and base member 15 are joined by a nut assembly that imparts tension to the roll of wrapping material.

Another benefit to the Orbital firewood bundler is its ease of use. Instead of requiring operators to load logs manually, this machine automatically bands, inserts the card and nets the wood. The machine then cuts the netting and applies hog rings. The bundler also makes it easy for operators to stack and store logs conveniently.

The range of Orbital bundlers includes models with single and three-phase power supplies, 90 psi working pressure, and different widths. Some of these machines also offer dual roll film holders and frame-mounted casters. Some models also have pneumatic air logic control systems.

A firewood bundler is an excellent tool for protecting firewood from moisture and can even help save money by preventing a lot of transportation. A firewood bundler allows users to distribute their bundles to local retailers. You can even sell your bundled bundles at local campgrounds.

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