1995 Wood Beaver Wood Eater Firewood Processor Diesel

The 1995 Wood Beaver wood eater firewood processor diesel is the workhorse of the firewood processing business, owning two owners, Troy and Beth Modschiedler. They like the machine because it’s easy to use and can run with only one person. The machine is also very woman and operator-friendly.

Model 16

The Wood Beaver Model 16 is a complete firewood processor that can convert a log into stacked firewood. This machine weighs approximately 1,800 pounds and is towable. It comes with a PTO and an optional Honda engine. It is easy to use and is a great tool for the firewood processing business.

The Wood Beaver belongs to the MVP Beaver Firewood Processor line and is made in Wisconsin. The machine is easy to service and has quality parts. It is also fairly small and is easy to transport and service. The owner plans to upgrade to a larger model next year, likely the MVP Beaver model 18 that features an electric over hydraulic system. It is also available in a PTO gas or diesel model.

Model 16 with clean-out grate

The Wood Beaver Model 16 is a comprehensive firewood processor that converts logs into stacks of firewood. It has a 4.5-second cycle time, clean-out grate, and clean-out chute. It is also easy to operate and is designed for one person. The company manufactures the machine in Hartford, Wis.

Model 18 with sawdust clean-out chute

The Wood Beaver wood eater model 16 has a 4.5 second cycle time, a sawdust clean-out chute, and protective lockout covers. It also has a CAM system for measuring log length, and a 3-/8 chain and 18-inch harvester bar. The machine is easy to operate and is designed to be user friendly. This machine has a good combination of power and features, and the owner has had no problems with it.

The wood eater is very popular among firewood processors. Its 18-inch hardwood chucks can be processed in three to four seconds. It features a Yanmar engine and patented Top Roll clamping systems. Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport and store, and it can handle different types of wood. The company recently demonstrated a demo version of the wood eater at the recent Richmond Expo. It claimed to process up to two cords of firewood per hour. It also came with a sawdust clean-out chute, which makes cleanup easier.

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