4 PTO Wood Processors

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What is a PTO Wood Processor?

A PTO wood processor is a heavy-duty machine used to quickly and efficiently cut, split, and chip wood for a variety of uses. It is typically mounted on a tractor and powered by the tractor's power take-off (PTO) system, using a mechanical drive shaft to power the unit. The PTO wood processor is equipped with a large hopper at the top to load the logs, and the logs are then cut into lumber, split into firewood, or chipped into mulch using the integrated saw, splitter, and chipper. This makes it a versatile tool for processing wood for any purpose.

Lumag SSA400z

This Lumag SSA400G PTO wood processor can be driven by a tractor PTO or electric motor. Its two-lever electrohydraulic controls make it easy to use. It also has tires for road use. It is suitable for cooperatives and firewood processors.

Lumag machines are built in Germany with stringent quality control measures. They comply with all EU emission and safety regulations and are supported by full spares. The devices are powered by Loncin engines, one of the world’s leading engine manufacturers. As well as meeting all the relevant emission and safety regulations, Lumag wood processors come with a backup of complete spare parts in case of failure.

Pilkemaster EVO 30

If you’re looking for a reliable firewood processor, the Pilkemaster EVO 30 PTO is a great choice. It has the lowest price tag of the entire EVO series and can process up to 12 inches (30cm) diameter logs. It can run on the PTO of a tractor or its gasoline engine.

One of the best features of the EVO30 is its innovative infeed table. With a single command handle, the table automatically feeds the log to the saw and splits it within the splitting groove. The table returns to its original position when the user releases the grip. Because the infeed table does not move, the log remains stationary while the saw cuts it.

This firewood processor is also equipped with a hydraulic log deck. It’s built to place wood at the correct height for the Pilkemaster EVO30 firewood processor. The hydraulic log deck has two hydraulic rolls synchronized with the infeed table. The control handle on the machine controls these hydraulic rolls. The infeed table raises and lowers, and a patented handle picks out the first log.

Japa 365+ Basic

The Japa 365+ Basic PTO-powered wood processor has several features that help ensure your and the machine’s safety. It comes with a safety guard that prevents the chainsaw and hydraulics from turning on. It also has a log lift that helps you raise logs onto the machine. In addition, it has a feed roller that moves the record into the cutting chamber.

The Japa 365+ can be operated with the PTO on a tractor or by a combustion engine. It is also equipped with tires so that it can be legally used on the road. This machine features hydraulics optimized for professional use and offers simultaneous cutting and splitting. You’ll enjoy the pleasant sound that the Japa 365 makes while processing logs. This machine is easy to operate, too.

The Japa 365+ Basic is an excellent choice for the most efficient processing of logs. It is powered by the PTO of your tractor and three-phase electric power. It has an optimized hydraulic system and can process records up to 55 cm in length. This machine is very efficient, reliable, and has a high uptime. Besides, it has multiple accessories and features one-handed controls for easy processing.

Rima RM

Rima RM PTO wood processor is an efficient and cost-effective solution for processing timber. The machine is equipped with a circular blade and automatic controls. It can handle up to 16” diameter logs. It can operate with a 50hp tractor, multiple wedges, and an infeed/outfeed conveyor. The machine is also equipped with a folding loading elevator.