A Chainsaw Mount For Wood Processor

If you are looking for a chainsaw mount for your wood processor, you are not alone. There are several different models available, but this article will focus on the Wallenstein P201 pivoting chainsaw holder. This product is also known as the HWP-120, 140B, and 150.

Wallenstein P201 pivoting chainsaw holder

If you’re looking to make your work on the wood processor easier, consider investing in a Wallenstein P201 pivoting chainsaw holster. This unit is designed specifically for wood processors and is compatible with most chainsaws. It has a 25 ton capacity and comes with a Honda engine. This versatile piece of equipment is the perfect fit for many different woodworking projects.


The HWP-120 chainsaw mount for a wood processor is a versatile piece of equipment for residential and light commercial use. This chainsaw mount has a convenient detachable design, making it easy to separate the processor from the chainsaw. It’s available from Halverson Wood Products, and is ideal for small commercial operations. It will split wood into four or eight pieces for convenient storage.

The Halverson HWP-120 wood processor is skid steer mounted and comes with a six-way splitter ram and adjustable splitter heads. The HWP-120 can process logs as large as 16 inches in diameter, and the high-speed chainsaw can process half a cord in an hour. It also has a quick-attach system, and a 25-inch chainsaw bar.

The SSP-180 wood processor is another versatile option for small and medium-sized processing jobs. The machine is easy to use, and requires minimal training. It can be operated from the cab of a skid steer or loader. It has three configurations, including a cone style, which features a working end for cutting a log and a conveying member for moving the record.

The HWP-120 skid steer wood processor has a standard 14-pin adapter. It has six wedges and is suitable for light commercial-residential applications. It also includes a chain conveyor, which helps you to feed the processed logs onto the skid steer. And for those who want a larger processor, you can purchase the HWP-140B skid steer mounted wood processor.

The HWP-120 chainsaw mount for a wood processor is suitable for tractors with PTO hydraulic systems. Its design incorporates optimized blade geometry and a patented IsoCore(TM) Shock Control System, which transfers 2X less shock to the wood than the machine itself. This model can split drifts, slats, and branches. It also comes with a wood chipper AM-200TR.


The Halverson HWP-140B chainsaw mount with wood processor is a highly productive and safe piece of equipment. It can process between one and two cords of wood per hour. It can be mounted on skid steers and excavators. Halverson manufactures this wood processor in Minnesota.

The Halverson HWP-140B chainsaw mount is an attachment for skid steers that perform wood splitting and cutting tasks. It can process one to two cords of wood per hour and is easy to store. The wood processor is ideal for firewood processing projects and is designed to fit on skid steers.

The Halverson HP-140 wood processor has an adjustable chain and comes with an automatic chain oiler. It processes logs that are up to sixteen inches in diameter. It has a vinyl seat and a fully automatic remote operation. The unit is easy to move and stores the finished firewood for hauling away. This type of equipment cuts down on time, labor, and resources required to process logs.

The Halverson HWP-140B chainsaw mount is suitable for both residential and commercial users. It has a hydraulically adjustable wood processor, a six-way wedge, and an in-feed log clamp. It can process several logs at once, while also saving power. This skid steer wood processor can be attached to a skid steer or a tractor with arm.

A versatile piece of equipment for wood processing, the Halverson processor is designed for ease of use and is capable of processing round and diamond wood at speeds similar to those of an industrial firewood processor. It has two models, the heavy-duty HWP-140B and the medium-duty HWP-140B, and can process up to six cubic metres per hour. Both models feature a compact working area, low power consumption, and low maintenance.


The HWP-150 chainsaw mount for firewood processor comes with a longer grab arm and is more powerful than the 140B. It can process up to two cords of wood per hour, and it can be easily mounted and detached from the skid steer.

This skid steer mount wood processor is perfect for processing firewood on the go. It features an adjustable splitter head and a six-way ram that processes logs up to 16 inches in diameter. This wood processor is also highly efficient, processing up to half a cord of wood per hour.

The HWP-150 chainsaw mount for firewood processor by Halverson is the most popular skid steer mounted wood processor. It splits logs up to 22 inches in diameter and can be mounted on a skid steer or loader. In recent years, Qingdao Boruite Machinery has introduced a new version called the BRT-30TSS-C, which has become a top seller. The newer model also features improved design and service. If you need to split large logs, the HWP-160 Firewood Pro will do the job. This machine will split logs up to four or eight pieces. It is also portable and can deposit logs into a trailer or truck for convenience.

The Hahn HFP150 Skid Steer Mount Firewood Processor is another excellent choice. This skid steer mount wood processor works with a skid steer loader and uses hydraulics to split wood. Designed for commercial use, this skid steer mount firewood processor can be easily attached to a skid steer. It also lets the operator do the wood cutting without having to leave the tractor.

The Hahn HFP150 Skid-Steer firewood processor is a great option for a small or mid-sized operation. It features hydraulic clamps and a 10′ conveyor belt. It is also compatible with a skid steer, which means it can be used on large-scale operations.

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