A Cord of Wood For San Bernardino

What is San Bernardino Cord of Wood?

San Bernardino Cord of Wood is a type of firewood measurement used in the San Bernardino, California area. It is a stack of wood that is 4 feet high, 8 feet long, and 4 feet deep, with all pieces of wood split to a length of 16 inches or less. It is the equivalent of 128 cubic feet of wood, or a volume of 128 cubic feet. It is the amount of wood that is usually purchased in a single transaction.

If you live in San Bernardino, California, you may have a cord of wood lying around. The fire department will distribute wood to areas where electricity is unavailable. The wood must be stacked neatly, parallel to each other and must equal 128 cubic feet.

determining if there is a good deal on wood

When shopping for firewood, finding a great deal is essential. The San Bernardino Mountains are known for having plenty of firewood for sale. However, the recent four-year drought and bark beetle infestation have killed thousands of trees. This has led to a surplus of firewood that has driven prices down nearly 50%.

san bernardino fire department distributes wood in areas without power

The San Bernardino County fire department is providing emergency firewood for people in areas without power. The department has purchased four cords of wood to be distributed to residents. This is wood that has been cleared of all vegetation. If you’re looking for some firewood, you can pick it up at the Crestline Chamber of Commerce at 6736 Mt. Baldy Road or at Fire Station 200 and 99.