A Diesel Wood Processor Can Be Very Efficient and a Good Investment For Your Operation

What is a Diesel Wood Processor?

A diesel wood processor is a machine used for the efficient and effective processing of wood. It is a self-powered machine that is capable of cutting, splitting, and chipping wood using diesel-powered blades. It is a popular tool used in forestry, land maintenance, and firewood production. Diesel wood processors are designed to be durable, efficient, and able to handle large volumes of wood quickly and easily. They can be used to process a variety of wood species, including hardwoods and softwoods. They are also equipped with safety features to protect operators from potential hazards.

Multitek 100 SCP-D

A diesel wood processor can be very efficient and a good investment for your operation. A Multitek 100 SCP-D diesel wood processing machine can handle a large amount of wood. Its unique design features a floating four-way splitter head, a six-way cylinder, and a dual-wedge system. It is easy to operate and provides excellent performance.

The Multitek firewood processor is equipped with a John Deere diesel power unit that delivers up to 80 horsepower. It also features a four-chain log deck, an overhead log infeed shuttle grapple, and a 60-inch circular saw. Multitek has been providing firewood processors and equipment to the industry for nearly three decades. They have a commitment to quality and durability that parallels GWPs. Greg’s philosophy is “details matter, and doing things right takes time.”

Cord King M-Series

Cord King M-Series diesel wood processors are among today’s most productive firewood processors. These heavy-duty commercial firewood processors use a standard.404 harvester bar saw and a 50-127 HP diesel engine to deliver up to four or ten cords of firewood per hour. These machines also feature a cutting cycle time of just three to five seconds.

Cord King has been selling its machinery to more than 16 countries and continues to improve the technology to produce the best firewood processor available. The company benefits from the high-quality assurance standards in Canada, where the machines are manufactured. Cord King also offers custom-made devices that meet its clients’ exact specifications. These machines are backed by a complete training package and a service team that provides after-sale support and service. The company’s dedication to quality and service has earned them a place among all firewood processing equipment manufacturers worldwide.

The CS27-40 firewood processor features a 60-inch diameter circular cutoff saw. The machine towers above the other firewood processors in Shoot-Out and features a 20-foot infeed conveyor. This machine was able to process all of our logs in one day. Our 2-cord supply went through in about 15 minutes.

Cord King CS-Series

The Cord King CS-Series is an excellent option if you’re looking for a diesel wood processor. This machine features a tough carbide-tooth slasher saw and can process four to ten cords of firewood per hour. It is also straightforward and offers an industry-leading cut-to-cut cycle time of three to five seconds.

Cord King has been making some of the fastest firewood processors since 1978. These machines are designed to offer total control over the final product while allowing for higher production rates. They are also built under one roof, making them easy to repair and service. This ensures you won’t have to wait for parts to arrive in the mail or spend an entire day fixing the machine.

The splitter box is one of the essential parts of a firewood wood processor. This machine features a nine-inch feed tube. It is designed for large and small pieces of wood. You can choose a large or small device based on the types of logs you’re processing.

Whether a farm owner or a home user, you’ll love the Multitek SSM 250 EZ Compact firewood processor. This machine has a compact design and comes with a splitter, cutting machine, and loading machine. Its 10-horsepower engine and two-stage hydraulic pump make it ideal for home users.

Multitek 14-24

Multitek’s 14-24 diesel wood processor is a powerful machine with a large capacity and impressive speed. It has a patented shuttle grapple that makes it easy to process large logs. Its processing rate of up to seven cords per hour is unsurpassed in its class. And because it’s built to last, it can withstand the most challenging jobs.

The Multitek’s tumbler separates firewood into different products, including wood for bulk retail and packaged firewood. The wood is transported to the tumbler on a conveyor belt and sorted by product. The machine sits on an asphalt pad, so it never touches the ground.

The Multitek 14-24 is part of the Semi-Pro series, a family of firewood processors. It can produce one to two cords per hour, and process logs up to 18” in diameter. It also comes standard with a 2-strand live deck, which converts into a log lift. It also features a 10′ chain conveyor and hydraulic lever-type controls for the hydraulic saw and clamp.

Multitek 16-24

Multitek firewood processors are known for their superior performance, ease of use, serviceability, and support. Whether processing firewood for the first time or upgrading to a giant machine, Multitek will meet your needs. The company is committed to customer satisfaction, and its devices are built to last.

The Multitek 1620SS is the ideal choice for small and medium producers alike. This mid-sized machine is engineered for efficiency and comfort and will process three to five cords of firewood per hour. Its high-speed return cylinder and operator-friendly design make it the fastest compact processor on the market.

The 1610EZ firewood processor is easy to tow with a pick-up truck and has standard features for easy deployment. This model is designed for growing firewood producers and is flexible enough to handle any job. Its hydraulically operated 20″ bar saw cuts logs with a joystick and uses a standard 3/8″ pitch chain to keep costs down.