A Log Processor That Turns Logs Into Fire Wood

A log processor that turns logs into firewood is a device for processing records into firewood. Various processors are available, but one preferred embodiment includes a conveyor system and rotary saws. Multiple components of the processor are supported by a base 12. A housing 13 encloses a plurality of rotary saw blades. The saw blades are, in turn, disposed of in a parallel arrangement. A carriage 15 is positioned adjacent to the saw blades. A carriage 15 is mounted adjacent to the saw blades and is configured to support a log 20. Opposing pairs of clamps 17a-17f are mounted on carriage 15 to hold log 20.


A conveyor for turning logs into firewood is an efficient and straightforward way to make firewood in a relatively short period. Records can be cut into pieces of various sizes and can be stored in piles of multiple heights. The conveyor belt transports the split wood to the desired location.

Logs can range in diameter from 23 to 55 cm. The splitter uses a spiral blade cutter for a clean, even cut. This equipment is easy to use and requires only a tiny amount of power. The vast output conveyor enables multiple pieces to be processed at once.

Multitek manufactures conveyors that range from seven feet to 50 feet. These are sturdy and adjustable, with speeds up to 80 feet per minute. The Multitask conveyors are available in two sizes: steel under-carrier and lightweight channel sides. A hydraulic lift allows the conveyor to adjust the height. The conveyor belts are vulcanized and made from a durable steel material.

A wood conveyor has multiple applications. It can stack wood into trucks, trailers, and bins. They are adjustable to different heights and can be folded to store when not in use. It can handle logs of various sizes. The conveyor is a versatile piece of equipment that is made to fit most processors. The wood processing conveyors are available in 15 feet, 30 feet, and 50 feet. The conveyors are powered by an optional gas engine or hydraulic lift.

For a low-cost conveyor, consider buying used agricultural equipment. Used hay elevators or gravel conveyors can be modified to turn logs into firewood. These conveyors can help you move large quantities of split firewood quickly and easily. If you are starting, you can buy a used conveyor or build one from scratch.

A firewood conveyor is an essential part of a firewood processing operation. You can choose between single or double-belt conveyors depending on the customer’s needs. Firewood conveyors are built using durable commercial-grade metals. They are made to withstand the elements and can be easily disassembled for transport.


A Woodland log processor turns logs into firewood with the help of heavy equipment. Its equipment consists of a hydraulic saw chops logs to the desired length. The records then go through a splitter to separate the sticks into sticks of firewood. After the logs are split, they go onto a conveyor and tip back into the truck.

Wood pulp is the result of this process, which involves the separation of wood fibers and specific wood components. The process usually starts with the feeling of unwanted trees using chemical poisoning. Then, the remaining wood is chopped into chips and sold to wood mills.

These chips are then processed in the wood chipping cab, an all-weather operation. It is sometimes heated or air-conditioned and delivered to paper mills for burning. It may also be made of wood waste. The materials used in the process vary from forest waste to industrial waste.

Log harvesting is a common way to make firewood. Logs are picked and hauled from the forest to a landing site. They are processed to various levels to make them suitable for use. The harvesting process includes cutting limbs and whole trees from stands. The logs are then further processed as required. Sometimes, a skidder tire is used to cut logs and limbs.

Foresters welcome the increased demand for firewood. Forests cover two-thirds of the state, and more than half of the forest is hardwood. Forest landowners have needed help managing these forests because small, poor-quality trees are abundant. Firewood cutting provides a viable wood market, improving timber quality, species composition, and growth rate.


The Multitek 3040XP2 log processor turns the log into firewood and has an extra-large log capacity than other Multitek machines. Its patented shuttle grapple allows it to process records up to 32″ in diameter and up to 7 cords per hour. This machine is excellent for homeowners who want a dependable machine to split and store firewood.

The Multitek 3040XP2 log processor has a diesel power unit, four-chain log deck, overhead log infeed shuttle grapple, and a 60-inch circular saw. The company has been manufacturing wood processing equipment for nearly three decades, and its models are known for their durability and craftsmanship.


For those looking for a log processor that can quickly convert logs into firewood, consider purchasing a Tajfun machine. A world-renowned manufacturer manufactures these firewood processors, and the company is committed to providing top-quality machines. The Tajfun RCA 480 Joy is one of the company’s largest firewood processors. It features a compact design and can process logs up to 19 inches in diameter. It features a joystick control system for easy operation, and its high-tech electronics allow for various functions, including measuring the amount of wood that has been processed.

This firewood processor is fully compatible with tractors, and all models come with a three-point linkage system for ease of movement. The Tajfun RCA 400 Joy has a hydraulic log holder, foldable infeed conveyor, and hydraulics to process long logs. Its hydraulic system enables it to cut through long logs easily, has a high cutting speed, and is easy to maintain.

A firewood processor is essential if you want to produce a large quantity of firewood. A good quality machine should be able to handle a large number of logs and can process several cords per hour. It should also be mobile enough to allow the user to process records up to 12 feet long. The Tajfun log processor turns logs into beautiful, salable firewood quickly.

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