A Review of the SpaltFix S375 Wood Processor

The SpaltFix S375 is a wood processor that allows you to split logs from various locations. This machine is equipped with log support that lifts individual records to processing heights of up to 2 m long and 30 cm in diameter. The support is lightweight, plugs into the hydraulic system, and is mobile. Its flexible layout allows it to be used in different locations, such as in forests. The SpaltFix S375 also has a longitudinal log conveyor that can transport logs of varying lengths and designs.


The SpaltFix S-375 is a high-performance wood processor that splits logs up to 37 cm in diameter into two, four, or eight pieces. Its hydraulic drive system allows quick adjustment, and it can also act as a high-performance saw. The splitter has a joystick control for easy operation and allows the user to control the knife height.

The S-375 wood processor can split logs up to 37 cm in diameter and produce eight uniform billets. The machine also features a slanting conveyor belt that optimizes the cutting cycle. This feature ensures consistent cutting performance, even with small log diameters.


The SpaltFix S-375 wood processor splits logs up to 37 cm in two, four, or eight parts in a single work cycle. Logs are transported to the circular saw blade by a hydraulic timber feed. The timber feed is adjustable according to the log’s diameter. It also has a hydraulic log-down holder, which keeps the record from getting stuck during cutting.

The SpaltFix S-375 is an excellent machine for splitting firewood. It produces eight uniform billets from logs up to 37 cm in diameter. Its convenient split-cutting technique makes it ideal for processing firewood at various locations. It also offers high output per hour and premium processing quality.

The S-375 hydraulic circular saw has a slanting conveyor belt. This optimizes the cutting cycle and ensures high cutting performance even with smaller log diameters. The S-375 is also equipped with an auto-lift timber stop. These features allow for continuous operation.


The SpaltFix S-375 wood processor is an excellent machine for firewood processing, with the ability to split logs up to 37 cm in diameter into up to eight uniform billets. The unit features a conveyor belt for easy loading and unloading of records and features a convenient split-cutting technique. The machine is also easy to transport and has a high output per hour.

The SpaltFix S-375 has a hydraulic splitting knife system and splits logs into two, four, or eight pieces within one work cycle. The machine also features a hydraulic log feed, which enables records to be transported to the circular saw blade with optimum speed. The log feed’s hydraulic system is adapted to the diameter of the log, and the log stop prevents records from becoming stuck during cutting.

Easton made

If you are looking for a wood processor, you’ll want to consider an Easton-made model. This versatile machine can split logs up to 37 cm in two, four, six, or eight parts within a single work cycle. It has a variable cutting length and a hydraulic timber feed that sends timber to the circular saw blade. The meal is inclined to the rear and is ideally suited to the diameter of the log. It also has a hydraulic log stop to prevent records from becoming stuck during cutting.

This is a high-output firewood processor with a powerful Honda GX390 engine and a massive 22 GPM 2-stage pump. This machine has a 7 1/2′ live deck and hydraulic splitter and is equipped with a 5-Auto Bar and chain oiler. It’s also equipped with a log splitter adjustable for height and angle.

If you’re looking for a high-quality wood processor, you can’t go wrong with the Easton-made spaltfix s375. It has roadworthy tires, towing hitches, and a 60-inch Simonds circular saw. It’s an affordable choice that produces excellent results.

The Easton-made spaltfix s375 is a high-performance machine built in Canada. Its six-way wedge and powerful hydraulic cylinder make it an exceptional choice for firewood producers. The device can cut logs up to a diameter of 26 inches and up to a length of eight inches. Another benefit is that the machine is easy to maintain, making it an ideal tool for winter.


The Japa wood processor SpaltFix S375 is a versatile machine that can process logs up to 37 cm in diameter into eight uniform billets. The device is easy to move around and offers premium processing quality. It has various options and features, including a conveyor belt and a log rack. It is available in basic and pro versions. The Pro version offers additional options, including log lifters and feeding rolls.

The Japa wood processor features advanced technology to reduce fuel costs and improve efficiency. This machine is made in Finland and uses high-quality European components. Its operation is easy and safe, and you can control it with one hand. Its designs are constantly being updated, and it is known for its durability, intelligent operation, and ease of use. It also comes with several features that make it suitable for various applications.

The Japa 395 is a new-generation firewood processor with several features to make the work easier and safer. Its advanced technology includes a hydraulic pusher, adjustable knife, guide plate, and lubrication pump. The joystick helps control the different functions of the machine. It also has a perfect split system that makes it possible to produce consistent firewood regardless of the log diameter. It is best suited for wood-fired stoves, hot tubs, and saunas.

Another feature that you should consider is the hydraulic splitting knife. The machine is equipped with a hydraulic splitting knife and adjusts quickly to get the perfect split. This machine can also produce up to six or eight billets at a time. With this machine, you can split logs as large as 37 cm into two or three pieces.

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