A Wood Processor For Homeowners

Whether you’re looking to get rid of deadwood or simply want to use less wood, a wood processor can help. There are several types to choose from, including the Cord King M-Series, Hakki Pilke 55 Pro, and Sun Joe LJ10M. There are also electric processors available, such as the Multitek Pro Model 1620 SS.

Sun Joe LJ10M

If you’re looking for a powerful and portable wood processor, the Sun Joe LJ10M is the machine for you. Its 18-inch length and 8-inch width allow you to process large amounts of wood without any hassles. The machine is built with premium steel and features a powerful RAM spring that keeps the machine from jamming or clogging. It also features dual handles, piston rods, and multiple wheels for easy portability.

The Sun Joe LJ10M hydraulic log splitter provides ten tons of driving force to split logs up to eight inches in diameter. Its rear wheels allow you to easily move it around. If you’re only looking to split small amounts of wood, a manual model might be a better choice. They have low-maintenance requirements and are often cheaper than gas-powered models. They also come with illustrated instruction manuals.

A high-quality, portable wood processor is important for both professional woodworkers and backyard woodworkers. It should be able to process a full cord of wood per hour. Some of these models include a dual-drive system, which means you can use them for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Sun Joe LJ10M wood processor for home use is a cost-effective way to split firewood. It can split a large amount of wood in a short amount of time and save you time and fuel. This machine is also portable and can be moved around with an ATV. It has a 10 HP engine and a 16-gallon hydraulic pump. It can split logs up to 24 inches in length, and comes with a personal chainsaw.

Cord King M-Series

The Cord King CS20-40 is the most productive wood processor on the market. Its powerful 50 to 127-horsepower diesel engine produces up to four to ten cords of firewood per hour. What’s more, this model boasts an industry-leading cut-to-cut time of just three to five seconds.

A typical Cord King wood processor costs about $170. It’s a multi-purpose machine made in Finland from high quality components. The company has been manufacturing wood processing equipment for 30 years and ships more than a thousand units per year to countries worldwide. It offers many different models for a variety of needs.

The productivity of a cord-processor depends on the size and type of logs it processes. Some companies report the maximum number of cords processed per hour, while others report the average speed. The average number is a better indicator of the machine’s productivity. Also, not all logs are perfectly straight; logs that are short, skinny, or crooked can affect the output.

Multitek Pro Model 1620 SS

The Multitek Pro Model 1620 SS wood processing system is a mid-sized, handheld machine that’s designed with mobility, speed and ease-of-use in mind. It’s equipped with a powerful motor and can process three to five cords of firewood per hour. It’s also engineered for user-friendliness, with a four-second cycle time.

The Multitek Pro Model 1620 SS firewood processor is powered by a 44-horsepower Kubota Diesel engine that provides high torque and efficiency. It has an adjustable, three-strand hydraulic log deck with log flippers, a hydraulic 4-way saw, and optional outfeed conveyors. It can process logs up to 20 feet long. The 1620 SS is an industry workhorse. Its low-maintenance design and high-speed circular saw make it the most efficient mid-sized machine on the market.

The Multitek Pro Model 1620 SS is one of the best mid-sized firewood processors available. Its patented guillotine cutting system reduces the need for daily maintenance and increases productivity. Its powerful, low-maintenance 44 hp Kubota diesel engine provides ample power and low fuel consumption. The saw blade’s carbide inserts ensure maximum cutting efficiency and minimal maintenance. Moreover, it’s easy to replace the blade without dismantling the machine. In addition, the machine’s ergonomic design ensures easy and comfortable operation and provides a clear view of the cutting process.

Hakki Pilke 55 Pro

If you are looking for a high-performance wood processor for your home, you should consider the Hakki Pilke 55 Pro. This machine is designed to provide high production, uninterrupted material flow, and excellent quality end products. Its innovative features ensure high productivity, quality, and efficiency no matter the conditions.

Moreover, this machine comes with an easy-to-use monitor screen. It collects important data from the machine and displays it in real-time. It includes volumetric measurements, hours of operation, splitting method, and safety cover settings. This monitor also has buttons to manually drive the plate or change the desired length of firewood. Another handy feature is the AC10 automatic chain tensioner and the electric automatic blade oil lubricator.

The Hakki Pilke 55 Pro wood processor was designed for professional-quality firewood processing. This machine has a capacity of splitting logs two, four, or six ways. It also features an 83-Lpm hydraulic pump and a powerful 27-ton ram.


DYNA firewood processors are a great option for homeowners looking to process their own firewood without buying a big machine. The company makes a number of different models and is known for its quality, durability, and affordability. They also offer rental options. For a smaller machine, consider the SC-12. This model comes with an integrated conveyor belt, a 6-foot live deck, and the innovative Log Lifter mechanism. If you’re more interested in speed and performance, consider the SC-12XP, which includes a 20-horsepower HONDA gas motor and enhanced splitting acceleration.

DYNA produces high-end firewood processors for homeowners and contractors. Its firewood processors feature cutting capacity up to 1000 mm and are powerful enough to split up to 4 cords of firewood in an hour. This equipment is ideal for processing firewood in large firewood piles.

DYNA firewood processors are budget-friendly, high-output, and portable. You can choose between four, six, or eight-way splitting options. Its ergonomic joystick control is perfect for homeowners. It’s also easy to use, with standard features such as an easy-to-read control panel.

DYNA manufactures two different types of firewood processors. The SC-12 XP has a high capacity and high efficiency, while the SC-16 XP features a 16-foot belt conveyor and powerful hydraulics. DYNA’s SC-15 firewood processor is another option for homeowners looking for a high-quality firewood processor.

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