A Wood Processor Saw Can Reduce Handling and Increase Efficiency

What is a Wood Processor Saw?

A wood processor saw is an industrial-grade sawing machine used to process large amounts of wood into a variety of shapes and sizes. It is designed with an automated feed system and multiple blades, allowing for efficient and accurate cutting of wood. It is commonly used in the lumber industry, as well as in construction and woodworking. Wood processor saws are powerful tools that can produce precise cuts with minimal effort. They are also highly durable, making them ideal for prolonged use in harsh environments.

A wood processor saw it is an efficient way to process long logs. It reduces handling and hand sawing. The last of a record is particularly challenging, but a conveyor system allows this process to be automated, ensuring that it never overbalances. For example, a 20-foot log with an average diameter of six inches can be processed into sixteen-inch-long pieces. Using this machine, it would take just 13 end cuts to process the entire log.


A CS60 wood processor saw from XYLOG is an efficient machine for wood processing applications. This machine can process logs up to a diameter of 600mm. Its cutting length can be adjusted from 0.25m to 50m. It has a 35T power cylinder and a hydraulically adjustable splitting cross. Its separate cutting and splitting areas allow for small-diameter wood to be processed.

TITAN 40/20 premium

The TITAN 40/20 premium wood processor saw it is an environment-friendly and high-performance machine. This saw uses cemented carbide for faster and smoother cutting, and it also comes with a telescopic hydraulic lifting table for easy work. It also has a PTO drive and multiple wedges to handle large logs. It can take 16” diameter logs and operate with a 50-horsepower tractor. Its automatic controls and multiple wedges make it ideal for processing extensive records, and it is equipped with an infeed conveyor and log lift. With these features, it can perform the jobs of multiple machines.

Apache Model 300 Japa

The Apache Model 300 Japa wood processor saw is ideal for a single-person operation and comes with a 10.5-foot output conveyor and 5.6-ton splitting power. These high-quality, economical saws can process two or three cords per hour and feature a separate oil reservoir for the saw chain.

This one-person firewood processor comes with a 13-horsepower Honda engine and an independent hydraulic system. The Japa 365+ Pro has a high output and excellent uptime. It also comes with a highway subframe, suspension axle, and hitch.

The Japa 395 firewood processor was made in Finland for safety and ease of use. It features a hydraulic pusher, adjustable knife, log length limiter, and lubrication pump. Its ergonomic, user-friendly design makes it a pleasure to use. It cuts wood easily and quickly, even with small logs. The saw also has a 4-way wedge knife to make quick work of smaller-diameter wood.

This firewood processor was designed for farmers, small wood businesses, and homeowners. It can process a cord of firewood per hour and split 12-foot-long logs. The saw has a ten-horsepower engine and a two-stage hydraulic pump to break the wood into small pieces.


The RRS BEAVER wood processor saw it is a powerful machine for processing wood. It can process logs up to 18″ in diameter and is portable for quick setup and storage. It features an automatic winch and has a hydraulic motor to pull records. This product is manufactured in Hartford, Wisc.

The RRS Beaver wood processor saw features a dual hydraulic ram regenerative system. The first cylinder operates by a hydraulic spring, while the second is actuated only when more force is needed to split the log. This feature makes the RRS BEAVER the only true electric over hydraulic system available today.

A shoulder pad is excellent protection from the saw’s blades. It is available in leather, canvas, or felt. Another feature is a side bind. This feature compresses the tree on one side and tensions the limb. It also prevents losing control of the tree and reduces the amount of holding wood needed to fall it. A side bind back cut involves pressing the bar into the tree two inches behind the face of the tree.

Cord King

The CS-Series Cord King wood processor saw it is one of the fastest and most efficient firewood processors available. Its tough carbide-tooth slasher saw allows it to cut through up to four to ten cords of firewood in a single cycle. As such, it only requires sharpening once every 1,000 to 1,500 lines.

Its design offers a simple yet functional control panel, and an integrated clamp-and-cut-off saw feed. This eliminates electrical problems and simplifies machine operation. This model also has an auto-split feature, making it easy to split logs without assistance. Lynn is also a partner at Clifford Lumber.

The Cord King CS27-40 firewood processor is a 60-inch-diameter circular saw with a 20-foot infeed conveyor. I had no problem running an entire two-cord supply with this saw in under 15 minutes. I was surprised at how quickly I could process the whole Shoot-Out log supply using only one machine.