A Wood Processor Screen Can Improve Productivity and Efficiency

What is a Wood Processor Screen?

A wood processor screen is a mechanical device used to break down large pieces of wood into smaller pieces for use in wood processing machines. It is typically composed of a series of rotating blades that break down the wood into smaller pieces. The blades are usually adjustable to accommodate different sizes of wood pieces. The screen can help to reduce the amount of time it takes to process wood and improve the quality of the finished product. Additionally, it can help to reduce the amount of dust and debris created during the wood processing process.

A wood processor screen can improve the productivity and efficiency of a wood processing operation. It removes pins and oversize chips and redirects them to further processing. ANDRITZ offers a variety of screening systems to meet the needs of different applications. These screening systems are scalable and can be delivered as a complete screening line or as standalone screens. ANDRITZ has extensive project management experience and can provide turnkey solutions that ensure on-time and budget delivery as well as excellent economic results for customers.


A JetScreen for wood processor screen is a high-quality screen used in the screening process. Its unique design allows chips to pass through the screen as they are fed into the center of the machine. A rotating counterweight in the screen drives the screening process and spreads the chips evenly across the screen plates. The widest part of the screen plate has the highest capacity, while narrower screens have a reduced capacity.

ANDRITZ CS gyratory chip screen

An ANDRITZ CS gyrary chip screen for wood processor reduces the time, cost, and energy consumption associated with chipping and screening wood waste. It also helps reduce wood loss, reduces environmental load, and reduces maintenance needs. The ANDRITZ CS chip screen is designed to meet the unique needs of the wood processing industry. Its flexible, custom-engineered design accommodates various applications, and it is available with multiple screening methods, depending on the needs of the user.

The ANDRITZ CS gyrary chip screen has a robust, welded frame made of square and rectangular steel tubes. It is powered by a single shaft electric motor. It has four decks and can be equipped with a fifth for pin chip recovery. It also comes with an optional dust-proof covering or screen covers to prevent contamination from entering the screen.

A gyratory chip screen is a versatile device for the removal of pins, fines, and grit from wood chips. It has a high separation efficiency and lowers the tendency to abrade or upend pin chips. It also agitates the wood chips, making them less likely to plug screen openings.

Tajfun RCA 600 Joy

The engineers at Tajfun have put in a lot of effort in designing the RCA 600 Joy firewood processor. The machine features a 55 horsepower Hatz diesel engine, a 40-Tf splitting ram, and a programmable touchscreen. It shows the amount of wood processed and other useful information. It also has two feed speeds for processing different types of wood.

There are different models available. The RCA 600 Joy is the biggest and most powerful of the four. It processes wood up to 32cm in diameter and comes with manual controls and twin splitters. The RCA 320 is another high-quality firewood processor that has twin splitting technology and manual controls. It is also available in 32cm and 48cm.

If you’d like to maximize your productivity and efficiency, you should also consider adding a Tajfun Live Deck. This will make loading and feeding of logs easier and increase opreating efficiency. This attachment runs off of the hydraulic system of the processor. It can also be controlled by the operator of the processor.

Multitek 1620 SS

Multitek 1620 SS is an efficient wood processor designed for medium-sized and small operations. It incorporates a patented circular saw with an up-and-down cutting path. This cutting path reduces risks by offering smooth and stable operation. In contrast, other “chop saw” style cutting paths can make the machine unstable and result in injuries.

Multitek 1620 SS is designed to cut and split two to three cords of firewood per hour. It features a powerful 44-hp (33 kw) diesel engine that optimizes operator productivity. In addition, it features a 3-strand hydraulic log deck with exclusive Multitek log flippers. It also comes with four, six, or eight-way hydraulic wedges and a 20 or 30-foot stacking conveyor.

Multitek 1620 SS firewood processor is a versatile wood processor that offers many benefits for the growing firewood producer. The machine is designed to process logs up to 18 inches in diameter. It has a box head splitter that splits logs, and a conveyor pulls the pieces out. Some models come with a tumbling system that tumbles logs after splitting.

The Multitek 1620 SS firewood processor has several sizes and uses a patented circular saw with carbide insert teeth. It can process two to three cords per hour, depending on the size of the logs. Depending on the model, it can process up to 16 inches in diameter. It also has an ergonomic operator station that provides optimum visibility.

Halverson processor

The Halverson wood processor is a powerful firewood processing machine that can process up to 16-inch round wood at industrial-style speeds. Available in two models, the heavy-duty Halverson model 140B processes up to six cubic metres of wood per hour, and the medium-duty Halverson model 120 processes up to four cubic metres per hour. Both models feature a compact working area and low power consumption. They are also easy to operate and require very little maintenance.

The Halverson Processor is an excellent choice for firewood processing, as it can be mounted on a tractor or skid steer. Some models are designed with a variable splitter head, which allows you to process wood in different directions. You can also choose a six-way splitter for added flexibility.