A Wood Processor Takes 20 For Logs

A wood processor is a device that cuts and shapes wood. In a preferred embodiment, the device includes an operator station and a base 12 to support various components. The base also helps a housing 13 that comprises a plurality of parallel-spaced rotary saw blades. The processor further comprises a carriage 15 mounted adjacent to the saw blades and adapted to support a log 20. Opposing pairs of clamps 17a-17f are mounted on the carriage to clamp the log 20 in position.

Japa 395

The Japa 395 wood processor is a lightweight, easy-to-use unit that utilizes a Honda iGX800 v-twin gas engine to cut wood quickly and efficiently. The Japa 395 also has a joystick control system that allows the operator to operate it with one hand. The machine can handle different types of wood and has various features that make it easy to use.

The Japa 395 has a hydraulically powered adjustable bar oil pump and a separate oil reservoir to minimize friction. It can process up to 20 ft. of logs at a time, which is excellent for small-to-medium operations. Additionally, the Japa 395 is available in two-person operation and can process up to two cords of firewood per hour.

This wood processor is also easy to use and maintain, with a 12-inch wide log arm and 540 RPM PTO drive. It can process up to six cubic meters of wood an hour and is simple to operate. The machine also features a conveyor system for easy feeding of logs. It can be used manually or automatically, which makes it the perfect choice for new operators.

Cord King Compact

If you need a compact wood processor, you should consider the Cord King. This processor has an impressive warranty and innovative features. It is backed by a lifetime warranty on its cutting chamber and two years bumper-to-bumper on the engine. It has been featured on “World’s Greatest” and has a reputation for being reliable and durable.

The wood processor includes a base and an operator station. The base holds a housing of 13 that encloses a plurality of rotary saw blades. The floor also has a carriage 15 that supports the log. The carriage can be positioned to clamp the log 20 in place.

The processor’s cutting mechanism features two-stage cutting. The first stage consists of loading log 20 onto carriage 15. Then, the operator presses the switch to advance the clamp plate 74 toward the log. The second stage of the process involves sawing the log into sections. Once complete, the carriage automatically returns and retracts the clamp plates.

Cord King compact wood processors are the most economical option for firewood processing. They can process 20 wood logs simultaneously and have exceptional safety features. Cord King firewood processors are durable and are made to last. The company also offers particular firewood processors that accommodate different sizes and species of logs. The compact models are easy to operate and are the best choice for homeowners who want to invest less money in a firewood processor.

A Cord King Compact wood processor is a versatile tool that can be used for many purposes. Its compact design makes it easy to transport and stack up to 20 logs simultaneously. Its compact size allows it to fit into a small truck and is very close.


The DYNA SC-15 wood processor can handle up to two cords of wood per hour. Its powerful 7-second split cycle makes it an efficient firewood processor that is easy to operate. It has an ergonomic joystick control that is comfortable for home use. In addition, it comes with all the standard features you’ll need for home use.

The DYNA SC-15 firewood processor is designed with a high-output, industrial-sized frame and can process thousands of wood logs annually. Its splitting cylinder is 4.5 inches by 26 inches and can split logs up to 22 inches in diameter. Its conveyor belt is 16 feet long and has ergonomic joystick controls. The machine is also easy to transport and comes with standard features.

The SC-15 firewood processor is easy to operate, thanks to its ergonomic joystick controls. It can take up to 20 wood logs in one pass. The Uniforest PTO is another highly portable personal wood processor suitable for home use. It has a 20-ton splitting force, a chainsaw, and a TCT circular saw. The machine also features a two-way wedge system and sawdust collection cyclones.

The DYNA SC-15 firewood processor is a versatile machine that is easy to operate. It features ergonomic joystick controls for the live deck, in-feed trough, rolling log clamp, and harvester saw. It is portable and easily transported between wood yards and work sites. Moreover, it is easy to rent.

A DYNA firewood processor comes with a two-year warranty. It is available for new or used machines. The company also offers resale deals for used machines. The company also provides a variety of sizes. The DYNA SC-12 XP firewood processor can cost around ,000, while a larger SC-15 can cost up to tens of thousands.

Timberwolf TW-PRO MP XL

The Timberwolf TW-PRO MP Xl is a portable wood processor with a powerful engine that can process up to five cords of firewood per hour. Its design includes a heavy-duty frame and a hydraulically-operated conveyor. The processor has a four-way wedge for easy transport and a standard hitch for towing.

The company’s growth has been impressive, with sales nearly doubling since 2020. It has expanded its inventory and manufacturing capabilities, adding a second manufacturing facility and equipment for making hydraulic components. It has also hired 18 new employees and expanded its warehouse space, which now has 22,000 square feet.

The Timberwolf PRO-MP XL’s hydraulic chain saw cuts cleanly through the logs, dropping them into the log carriage. It also features a four-inch splitter cylinder for separating records. The processor’s hydraulic oil cooler is standard and has a 40-gallon capacity.

Timberwolf makes a variety of splitters, including the TW-1, TW-2, and TW-PRO MP XL. They are all durable and have alloy steel wedges and heavy-duty construction. For example, the Timberwolf Alpha 6 splitter has a 20-horsepower Honda gasoline engine and can process up to two cords of firewood per hour. Other splitters are more consumer-friendly, with a five to twelve-horsepower motor.

The Timberwolf TW-PRO MP Xl wood processor takes 20-floor logs and can process two to three cords per hour for commercial firewood operations. The machine is easy to maneuver and has ergonomic controls. The hydraulic chainsaw rotates only when a record needs to be cut and lowers itself when it is finished processing. It comes with a four-way wedge knife and is easy to use.

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