A Woodlawn Wood Processor

A woodlawn wood processor is a machine that can cut and split firewood into appropriate lengths for burning. It is usually composed of four main parts, each dedicated to a specific function. The first step in the process of processing firewood is de-liming the logs and cutting them to the proper length. Popular brands of firewood processors include Multitek, Wood Beaver, Hakki Pilke, Blockbuster, and others. They are used both commercially and privately by many people. Some people even rent the machines.

Japa 365+ Basic

The Japa 365+ Basic wood processor is a budget-friendly alternative to the more expensive Japa 365+ Pro. Both models use hydraulic power and include a separate oil reservoir. The Pro version has additional features, including a log rack and feeding rolls. The log rack helps the processor to increase its output, while the feed roller and hydraulic log lift help move logs into the cutting chamber.

This firewood processor is powered by tractor PTO or 3-phase electric and features a hydraulic chainsaw. It features an optimized hydraulic system for efficient operation. The processor features a powerful and reliable engine that can chop logs of all diameters. It also offers high uptime and is easy to operate, thanks to one-handed controls.

Japa 365+ Pro

The Japa 365+ Pro woodlawn and firewood processor is a versatile machine that can be operated with a tractor PTO or a 3-phase electric engine. Its hydraulic system is optimized for professional use, and it can split and cut simultaneously. It has a short-throw joystick for simple, one-hand operation.

The Japa 365+ Pro woodlawn and grass processor is available with a variety of attachments, including a log rack, feed roller, and hydraulic log lifters. This greatly increases the output of the machine. The log rack, coupled with a hydraulic log lift, helps raise logs onto the machine and move them to the cutting chamber. There is also a basic version, which is a great choice if you are on a budget.

Japa 435

The Japa 435 woodlawn wood processor features a split knife for fast and easy splitting. This wood processor is also equipped with Perfect Split system that ensures consistent split sizes. It is compatible with three-phase electric power and Tractor PTO. Its safety features include an automatic brake and separate pumps. It is equipped with a data connection that connects it to the factory and can receive remote updates.

The Japa 435 woodlawn wood processor has a smart system, which detects the wood type and automatically optimises its function. It also has a touch screen for easy operation. Another feature of the processor is the Perfect Split ™ splitting method developed by the Japa product development team. This method makes it possible to produce consistent A grade splits.

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