Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Processor Saw Heads

What is a Wood Processor Saw Head?

A wood processor saw head is a power saw that can be mounted onto an excavator or other vehicle for quickly cutting and processing large amounts of wood. It is a highly efficient tool for processing firewood, lumber, and other wood products. The saw head is typically powered by a hydraulic motor and has interchangeable blades for different types of cuts. It usually has a rotating arm that can be adjusted in length to reach different areas. It is an efficient and powerful tool for cutting and processing large amounts of wood quickly.

A wood processor saw head is an attachment used to cut logs with a wood processor. It works much like a traditional pruning shear, but it has several advantages. One of them is that it is serviceable and simple. It is also much slower than a bar saw or disc saw. The disadvantage is that it can splinter log ends, which is not ideal when dealing with high-value materials. The other advantage of a wood processor saw head is that it can process stems. It is most commonly used for delimbing stems and bucking stems into logs.

Fabtek manufactures simple, robust, serviceable products for working in the woods

Fabtek is a manufacturer of simple woodworking products that make life easier for foresters. Its product line includes shear heads, saw heads, and forwarders. It also manufactures two-roller processing heads, two-roller processors, and forestry computers. Its products are known for being durable and serviceable. Several of its products are 3M+ certified, making them a good choice for forestry workers.


If you’re looking for a wood processor with a heavy duty design, Quadco has a number of options. Their AFM 65 harvesting head, for example, is designed to process large trees quickly and efficiently. Its four movable knives provide smooth delimbing of big trees, and its four feed rollers help keep the stem centered. This powerful head is also equipped with different measuring wheels and features a 3/4 pitch butt saw.

There are a variety of Quadco wood processor saw heads, including the Ultimate 5660, which is similar to the original 5600 but features a new saw base imported from the 6000 model. The Ultimate 5660 has a 24-inch cutting capacity and offers up to 60 percent more power than the 5600. It also has a new high-speed hydraulic system and quad-tooth cutting technology. This new technology delivers high production while reducing stumps and unwanted underbrush.

Quadco also offers a range of track-mounted processing heads. Their L220 is ideal for small-scale processing of small trees in northern Quebec. Besides being lightweight and compact, the L220 also has an optional topping saw. The L220 features a powerful quad-drive motor, making it an ideal choice for many operations.

The Southstar Grapple Processor 505/635 models are designed for production processing and come with a tilt locking system and float for easy handling. A 4×4 drive system provides amplified torque for large wood. It also comes with multi-stemming capabilities and a rugged design.


The Gilbert wood processor saw heads offer maximum productivity and efficiency to logging operations. With a 45 cm cutting capacity and 350 deg rotation, the 3018 saw head has the ability to cut two times faster than comparable equipment. The unit is also lightweight and fits easily on an 18-ton hydraulic excavator.

The Gilbert 3018 saw head is particularly suitable for thinning and biomass applications. Its compact design makes it easy to install on small to medium-sized carriers. The event will also bring together a variety of exhibitors, including manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers of wood processing equipment. More than 250 exhibitors will be on hand to demonstrate the latest products and services. Other activities include a recruitment job fair and the largest saw tech log expo in Ontario.

The Gaitten cutting head is another example of a saw head. It consists of a circular saw with longitudinally-sliding jaws to grip tree limbs. However, the Gaitten device lacks a boom with sufficient articulation to allow for a continuous rotation of the head relative to the boom.

Built-Rite Mfg.

In the Conger, Minnesota, area, Built-Rite Mfg. provides Metal Stampings, Nec., to a wide range of companies. The company also offers mold design, tool and die services, and custom plastic design and engineering. Several of its products are sold to OEMs worldwide.

The company is known for its many innovations, including its Multi-Wedge Wood Splitting System and scissor clamp design. It has also been one of the first manufacturers to build a compact processor with a live deck and log stops, as well as a splitter trough incorporating a block turner.


Kesla wood processor saw heads are designed to provide professional-quality wood processing. These machines offer high delimbing forces and are suitable for a wide variety of wood species. Depending on the model, they can handle wood diameters of up to 30 inches and all types of soft and hardwoods. They are equipped with a powerful tilt arm and a reinforced frame for enhanced durability. They also feature a Windows-based colour touch screen for easy performance adjustment and troubleshooting.

The company has a large selection of harvester saw heads, including the SP 661 LF, which is 70 cm in diameter. It can work with trees up to 51 cm in diameter and has excellent capacity. Its newer generation Tigercat 568 harvesting head is also capable of processing larger trees. It can operate on four-wheel drives. This machine is equipped with a hydraulic motor for improved performance and reduced energy loss.

Kesla’s harvester head range is one of the most comprehensive available, with options to match any tractor. From logging to CTL, Kesla has harvester saw heads for every need. They come in two different sizes, ranging from 1,300 kilograms to 1,800 kilograms. Some models also come with optional accessories and are designed for different applications.

The AFM 65 is an efficient, high-production harvesting head. It’s suitable for big thinnings and clearcutting, and has four movable knives to delimb big trees smoothly. The AFM 65 also features an advanced measuring system to accurately measure length and diameter. This harvester head fits perfectly on a 20 to 25-ton excavator, wheeled harvester, and tracked harvesters.


The Komatsu wood processor saw head range offers a wide range of harvesting and processing capabilities. Choose from the compact and lightweight C124 harvesting head or the heavy-duty C204 harvesting head. Both are suitable for hardwood operations. Components such as a sturdy frame and dependable hydraulics help to make the machines highly reliable.

Komatsu has been a leading supplier of equipment, technologies, and services for more than a century. Its products have helped companies across the world build modern infrastructure, mine fundamental minerals, and maintain forests. Its distribution network is dedicated to support customer operations worldwide. Its innovative technology improves safety, performance, and efficiency. Komatsu is dedicated to providing solutions that improve the lives of people and the environment. With a full line of products and services, you can be sure that Komatsu has the best solutions for your business.

Comatsu is committed to the production, durability, and utilization of its wood processor saw heads. The latest models have improved feed speeds and decreased weight. Increasing energy efficiency is the new driving force behind Komatsu’s product development. Although energy efficiency is a primary concern, the company does not want to sacrifice reliability. Its cutting and harvesting capabilities have been improved to make them more efficient and reduce fuel bills.

Komatsu wood processor saw heads are designed to handle a variety of different applications. The C144 harvesting head is designed to handle dense forests and is equipped with a four-wheel-drive (4WD) feed system and extra rollers to improve feed force. It also comes with Constant Cut technology, which ensures maximum harvesting capacity. Its versatile cutting and processing capabilities allow it to be used as a clear cut, stump-cut, or pre-felled timber processor.