Apache Wood Processor

If you’re looking to buy a firewood processor, Apache makes some excellent machines. For one, the Model 300 Japa is great for single-person operation. It has a Ten-horsepower engine, a two-stage hydraulic pump, and a One-person function. This firewood processor is ideal for small to medium-sized jobs, and it can process a cord of firewood per hour.

Model 300 Japa

Apache makes superior firewood processing equipment and accessories. The Model 300 Japa wood processor is a one-person machine that cuts and splits logs up to 20 inches in diameter. This machine has an independent hydraulic system and a 13-horsepower Honda engine. This machine also has a hitch, highway subframe, and suspension axle. It is designed to accommodate heavy logs and can be transported by truck.

This firewood processor is designed for homeowners, farmers, and small wood businesses. It can split logs up to 12 feet long and process up to a cord in one hour. A ten-horsepower engine provides power to the unit, and its two-stage hydraulic pump makes processing wood easy and fast.

Model 300 Japa Apache firewood processors are made for ease of use and mobility. A hydraulically driven chainsaw ensures even and consistent wood splits, regardless of length or diameter. A lubrication pump helps keep the machine working smoothly. Other features of this wood processor include an adjustable knife, guide plate, and joystick.

Ten-horsepower engine

The Apache wood processor is made by Apache Forest Products, Inc., located in Leduc, Alberta, Canada. It is a PTO-driven machine that cuts logs up to fourteen inches in diameter. The processor can split wood two or four ways and is equipped with a 5.6-ton cylinder.

This wood processor is designed for small wood businesses, home users, and farmers. It can process a cord of firewood in an hour and split logs up to twelve feet long. It features a ten-horsepower engine and a two-stage hydraulic pump to split and process records.

Two-stage hydraulic pump

Having the correct two-stage hydraulic pump installed in your apache wood processor can make all the difference in the success of your project. These pumps contain two pumping sections, with an internal pressure-sensing valve enabling you to switch between them. This pump can help you get the maximum flow rate from your processor, even at low pressures. It lets you pull the piston back from the split log with minimum force and top speed.

This model is specifically designed for the home or small business and is powered by a ten-horsepower engine. It is also equipped with a hydraulic two-stage pump, which enables you to process two or four cords of firewood in an hour. The two-stage pump on this machine allows you to process logs up to 12 feet long.

One-person operation

Apache is a manufacturer of superior firewood processing equipment and accessories. Their Model 300 Japa wood processor is designed for one-person operation and can process logs up to 12 inches in diameter and 20 inches in length. The machine can process up to one cord of firewood per hour and features an independent hydraulic system powered by a 13 HP Honda engine. The Japa also features a highway subframe and suspension axle for easy transport.

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