Are You Looking For a 16000 Dollar Wood Processor?

If you want a wood processor, you should keep a few factors in mind. It would help if you were looking for a machine that is easy to operate and affordable. It would help if you looked for a wood processor that costs under 16000 dollars. It should also be easy to maneuver and suitable for all types of terrain.

Skid steer SSP-180 Pro wood processor

If you are a firewood producer on a budget, then the skid steer SSP-180 Pro is an excellent option for your processing needs. This versatile machine is operated from a tractor seat and features a fork for moving logs and a high-speed chainsaw. It also has an automatic return feature, which returns it to its starting position when it is finished.

This machine is easy to operate and requires very little training. You can use it from the cab of a skid steer loader, and it is ideal for small and medium-sized firewood operations. Its price ranges from ,000 to ,000, but it is generally priced below that figure. It also has the advantage of being easy to maneuver, making it perfect for use on any terrain.

Japa 315+ wood processor

If you want a high-quality wood processor that can split and chop logs, consider buying the Japa 315+. This machine features a new blade and logs feed mechanism that allows you to split logs faster. It is easy to operate and can cut logs as small as twelve inches in diameter and 19 inches in length. It also comes with a positive log stop so that a record won’t get caught in the machine.

The Japa 315+ meets all current safety standards. It comes with hydraulics and a wood chute, but you can also add a powered infeed conveyor or a log lift. You can also upgrade to the Japa 365 Basic and 365 Pro, which both come with additional features.

Halverson HWP-140B wood processor

The Halverson HWP-140B Wood Processor is a highly productive, powerful, and safe-to-use wood processor. It is manufactured in Minnesota and can process 1-2 cords of wood an hour. The processor is also highly versatile and can be mounted on skid steers or excavators.

Hammerhead SSP-180 wood processor attachment

The Hammerhead SSP-180 wood processor attachment can be used to process a variety of materials. It is easy to use and requires little training. It can be operated directly from the cab of a skid steer, making it an excellent choice for small-scale projects. The machine can be configured in three different configurations, each with a unique set of features. The cone-style processor features a working end for cutting logs, a conveying member to move records, and a hydraulically adjustable splitter.

The SSP-180 Pro skid steer wood processor attachment is a reliable, durable piece of equipment. Its auto-return feature automatically returns the wedge to its starting position, enhancing splitting efficiency. The hydraulic system also allows the attachment to operate on uneven surfaces. This skid steer wood processor includes a cutting unit, a conveying member, and a hydraulically adjustable 4-way splitter. It can process up to 18-inch-diameter logs.

The Hammerhead SSP-180 has a receiving end for accepting logs, a working lot for cutting the records, and a conveying member to move logs. During the cutting process, the machine utilizes a cutting unit that cuts the logs to the desired size.

Halverson asserts that Classified is impermissibly inducing patent infringement by offering the SSP-180 on its website. According to 35 U.S.C. SS 271(b), an infringer is liable if he actively induces a customer to infringe a patent by selling the infringing product. To be held responsible under this section, a defendant must prove that he intended his customers to infringe the patent by selling the SSP-180.

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