Back Country Wood Processor

What is a Back Country Wood Processor?

A back country wood processor is a machine used to process logs into usable lumber and firewood. It is a portable unit with a gas-powered sawmill and circular blade, which is mounted onto a trailer and towed to the job site. The wood processor is designed to cut logs into boards, planks, and beams, as well as split logs into firewood. It is an efficient and cost-effective way to harvest lumber from remote areas. The wood processor is ideal for small-scale operations and logging jobs, as it can quickly process wood into usable lumber and firewood.

The Back Country Wood Processor is a wood processing company that offers products at reasonable prices. They have a trailer option for sawmills and offer demonstrations of their products. They accept credit cards, cash, and checks. However, they charge a 3% processing fee. The company also offers shipping quotes.

Back Country Wood Products

Back Country Wood Products is a business that is registered with the Oregon Secretary of State. Their registration form is available to anyone. This means that you do not need to provide any personal information in order to view the information. If you are interested in learning more about the company, you can contact them directly or view the company’s website to learn more.

Wallenstein Firewood Processor

The Wallenstein WP845 Firewood Processor is a compact machine that provides optimal productivity and is designed for highway travel. It is easy to transport and features a high cutting height that makes the work more comfortable. It can process 1.5 cords per hour and is very affordable. It features a single action control and the Auto Cycle feature for maximum efficiency.

It is designed for small wood businesses and homeowners alike. It comes with a safety screen, live deck, and 2-leg log lifting system. It also includes a hydraulic winch and 50′ of synthetic rope. In addition, it can easily split up to 25 tons of wood with a single operator.

Fuelwood Factory

If you love the back country and woodworking, Fuelwood Factory might be the perfect back country wood processor for you. It has a unique combination of splitters and processors, including the Woodcutta 400 and Kindlet Pro. These devices can process timber into a consistent section size. With a few settings, you can convert your timber into split logs or kindling.

Getting a permit is the first step to processing wood in the back country. The state Department of Natural Resources has an online system for fuelwood permits. The state also has staff and foresters who are available to help with any questions you may have. Additionally, if you live in Michigan, you can apply for a Michigan Energy Assistance Program (MEAP) to lower your heating costs.