Balfor Wood Processor

Balfor Continental 400 firewood processor

The Balfour Continental 400 firewood processor is high-performing, versatile, and efficient. Its 14-ton hydraulic wedge and four-inch cutting width make it a powerful, high-capacity machine. Other features of this machine include an oversized oil tank, a cooling cooler, and several compartments for tools and supplies. The hydraulic three-stage conveyor also makes it easy to feed and process wood.

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Another firewood processor that uses a toothed arm is the Wolverine A Firewood Splitter. Its dual hydraulic grip holds the wood while splitting it simultaneously, ensuring firewood’s safe and efficient production. Its hydraulic pump and 14-HP engine deliver ample power to break a 24-inch log. Its standard toolbox includes a two-way and four-way wedge for splitting wood of all lengths.

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Tajfun RCA 600 Joy

If you want to process a large timber volume efficiently, the new Tajfun RCA 600 Joy is your wood processor. This mobile powerhouse has a 55-horsepower Hatz diesel engine and a large firewood processor with a programmable touchscreen. It can process up to 3.5 cords per hour. It can be operated by a PTO on a tractor, skid steer hydraulics, or a stand-alone Kohler engine.

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This machine has an impressive array of features, making it one of the most versatile in its class. For starters, it has a programmable touch screen that allows the user to control the machine’s essential functions with just a single joystick. It also features a clutch-controlled chain, saving you the hassle of chain lubrication and chain wear. Another highlight of this machine is its self-contained hydraulic system and oil cooler.

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Another feature of this wood processor is the Live Deck. It is an extension to the firewood processor that enables faster feeding and more effortless loading of logs. With this addition, the operating efficiency of the machine is significantly increased. This system uses the processor’s controls and features a one-year warranty. It also has a hydraulically-adjustable splitter and auto-return capability, making it easy to operate without a mechanical engineer’s assistance.

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A ball for the wood processor is a machine that splits wood. It is a small device with a diameter of 40 cm and a splitting power of 10 tonnes. It has a toothed arm to clamp the wood during the cutting process. It also has a special anti-slip inlet conveyor for optimum grip, even if the wood is wet. It can split and return the split logs in 5.6 seconds. It comes with either a four or a six-way knife.

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