Bell 1000 Wood Processor Review

Before you buy a wood processor, you should do some research. You should know which model works best for your needs. Some wood processors are better suited to smaller jobs, while others are better for larger jobs. A wood processor should be easy to use and have a good power level. You should also be able to do a test run before buying.

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sc-16 wood processor

The Dyna sc-16 wood processor is a compact saw that cuts oak and other smaller wood into small pieces. Its small saw opening simultaneously processes eight to twelve inches of wood. The Dyna sc-16’s power draw is insufficient to run oak and more giant trees, and it runs out of splitting power after a few rounds.

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It is easy to transport the SC-16 Firewood Processor. It requires a tow vehicle with electric trailer brake control and can be easily transported between work sites and wood yards. It features three ergonomic joystick controls that are easy to operate. The machine also has a convenient operator station with three joystick controls that are easy to reach and understand. The device can be easily transported from one worksite to another or a rental site.

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Range-Road RR270PTO wood processor

The Range-Road RR270 PTO wood processor is powerful and hydraulic-powered for cutting and processing wood. It can process logs up to 12 feet wide. It can produce 24 in-long rounds and can provide a driving force of 10 tons. It also features a hydraulic infield, hoses, a control valve, and mounting. This hydraulic infeed is easy to attach to most Range-Road firewood processors.

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The RR270PTO firewood processor comes with a 540 RPM PTO drive and can produce more than a cord of firewood per hour. It can split rounds 2, 4, and 6 ways. It uses a hydraulic pump that delivers 83 GPM at a pressure of 3625 psi. The finished pieces of firewood measure twelve inches in length.

Bell 1000 wood processor

The Bell 1000 wood processor is one of Bell’s latest innovations, specializing in wood processing. The machine is easy to use and is an excellent option for the homeowner looking for a firewood processor. However, before you purchase one, it is essential to do some research. It is crucial to test the machine out to know if it suits your needs.

The machine includes an adjustable splitter head, automatic splitting cycle, saw blade stop, single joystick control, and a 3-strand hydraulic live deck. It also has four, six, eight, and twelve-way splitting wedges. This machine is designed and manufactured by Bell’s Machining and has a one-year warranty. In addition, the device is portable.

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