Bell Wood Processor 4000

What is bell wood processor 4000?

bell wood processor 4000 is a commercial-grade wood chipper designed for heavy-duty jobs. It can handle wood up to 4 inches in diameter and has a large hopper capacity for continuous chipping. Its powerful motor and heavy-duty blades make it perfect for large-scale projects. It is easy to use and maintain, and comes with an adjustable feed rate and easy-to-read controls.

Bell’s Machining 4000 model includes automatic splitting cycle, adjustable splitter head, saw blade stop, and single joystick control. The machine also features a 3-strand hydraulic live deck and operator cab. The machine can be equipped with 4, 6, or twelve way splitting wedges. Its design is rugged and durable.

S2X 800

The Bell Wood Processor S2X 800 was purchased by ACC Landscape Contractors, a company that specializes in forestry and land clearing and distributes its byproducts. Steve Reisenweaver, owner of ACC, says the new machine will quadruple his company’s log splitting capacity. The new machine can be mounted on a Caterpillar 420F backhoe loader.

The S2X 800 is a hydraulic wood splitting attachment that allows operators to split large timber while in the cab of the machine. The attachment is distributed by Atlantic Excavators Attachments LLC. It has been used in many industries around the world. The S2X 800 is an excellent choice for firewood processing.

Langrill purchased his S2X 800 attachment in June 2016. He considers it a vital part of his operation. The company processes a thousand cords of wood per year, and the S2X 800 is essential to his business. He runs the machine eight hours a day.

Log handling

The Bell Wood Processor 4000 log handling system is designed to handle midsized logs. This model features a 44″ Simonds Circular Saw and a 22″ Cut Oregon Bar Saw. It also comes with a 5” variable-speed conveyor. The operator can rotate and reposition the wood in the splitter chamber.

A smaller, cheaper alternative to the Bell 4000 log processor is the S2X 800 log handler. It features a chromium cone on the front end that can quarter the logs. This feature increases efficiency by reducing the load on the processor. The smaller machine is ideal for Maryland Landscape Supply, which deals primarily with hardwoods.

Bell’s Machining 4000 model can handle logs up to 30 feet long. It has two-stage hydraulic splitting system and is equipped with Simonds 44″ circular saw and Oregon bar saw. The company also offers a one-year warranty on the machine. The machine can produce three cords of hardwood firewood per hour.

Another option for the Bell Wood Processor 4000 log handling system is the 14-24. This machine has a 14 hp Subaru engine that is powerful enough for most domestic purposes. It also comes with a two-strand live deck that can convert into a log lift, as well as a 10′ chain conveyor. It also has hydraulic lever-type controls for the hydraulic saw and clamp.

Log splitting

Bells’ four-thousand-watt firewood processor has a hydraulically-controlled log stop that retracts as the saw cuts the log. This prevents the log from binding together during splitting. A hydraulically-activated kicker and rollers also allow the operator to straighten the log in the splitting chamber. The kicker also enables the operator to turn the log so the knot is on top.

Andrew Clement, who has used a Bell firewood processor for 30 years, uses one on a daily basis. He says that his family processes around two thousand cords a year using a 4000C, and he has also shown Bell employees how to use it. When it comes to the Bell staff, Andrew Clement says they are uncomfortable with logs that are too crooked.

The Bell’s Machining 4000 series is capable of processing logs up to thirty feet in length. It comes with an Oregon bar saw and a Simonds 44-inch circular saw. It also has a single joystick control, three-strand hydraulic live deck, operator cab, and up to eight and twelve-way splitting wedges. The machine can process up to three cords of hardwood firewood per hour.

Log splitting with the Bell 4000 Firewood Processor is a faster, easier, and safer way to split wood. It includes an S2X 800 log quartering tool that improves the overall appearance of logs and reduces operator fatigue and improves productivity. These features give Bell firewood processors a distinct advantage over traditional methods.


The Bell wood processor 4000 is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a high-quality firewood processor. This machine is equipped with many great features such as an adjustable splitter head, automatic splitting cycle, saw blade stop, and single joystick control. It has a heavy-duty construction and is capable of processing up to 23-1/2-inch diameter logs. The machine can produce up to three cords of hardwood firewood an hour.

The Bell wood processor 4000 is designed to process logs up to 23-1/2 inches in diameter. Although it is designed for larger logs, Bell decided to include an 8-way wedge to process smaller pieces of firewood. It also comes equipped with a kick plate and live-log repositioning system that allows the operator to rotate the wood in the split chamber. This means that you’ll have less tired workers and more efficient production.

Customer satisfaction

The Bell wood processor 4000 comes with a wide range of features, including a fully adjustable splitter head and automatic split cycle. It also includes an automatic saw blade stop and a single joystick control. The machine also features a heavy-duty hydraulic live deck and an operator’s cab. The Bell wood processor is one of the most durable and reliable firewood processors on the market, and it is designed to last for years.

Andrew Clement, a Bell wood processor user, uses the machine every day. He and his father started processing firewood about 30 years ago and process about 2,000 cords a year on their Bell processor. When Phil visited Bell’s manufacturing facility, he learned how the machine works and how to properly use it. Before purchasing the machine, he was still considering other manufacturers, as the Bell was substantially more expensive than others.