Bell Wood Processor Review

Over the years, Phil has owned several different brands of firewood processors. One particular manufacturer had provided him with an unsatisfactory experience, so he decided to look for a new option and found Bell’s Machining on the Internet. He also visited the company’s manufacturing facility in Perth, Ontario. But he wasn’t quite ready to make the decision just yet, because Bell’s wood processors were significantly more expensive.

Multitek wood processor

If you are considering purchasing a new wood processor, there are several factors you need to consider. First, you need to determine the amount of wood you’ll be processing. There are different types of wood processors and some are more expensive than others. You should also consider the ease of use and the serviceability of a wood processor. Multitek wood processors have many great features, including a variable displacement hydraulic pump.

Bell’s 6000C

Bell’s 6000C wood processor is designed to process logs up to 23-1/2 inches in diameter. The 6000C has a 54-inch Simonds circular saw and six-inch 42-ton splitter cylinder. The 6000C is portable and has a one-year warranty.

Bell’s 4000

The Bell’s 4000 wood processor is a powerful machine for processing wood. With an eight-way wedge, it can process logs up to 23-1/2 inches in diameter. It also features a live-log repositioning system and kick plate that allows the operator to rotate the logs in the split chamber.

The machine can process logs up to 30 feet long. It is equipped with an Oregon bar saw and Simonds 44-inch circular saw. It is powered by a Cat 67-horsepower Tier 4 diesel engine and comes with a three-year warranty. This machine can process up to three cords of hardwood firewood per hour.

Andrew and Phil had owned firewood processors from several manufacturers before purchasing the Bell’s 4000. They had a bad experience with another brand and decided to look elsewhere. They did some research on the Internet and found several other manufacturers. Once they found Bell’s, they visited the company’s manufacturing facility in Perth, Ontario. Although Bell’s 4000 wood processor was much more expensive than some of their competitors, Phil was convinced enough to purchase it.

The Bell’s 4000 firewood processor has a small footprint. It is also easier to operate because of its smaller size. Its S2X 800 log quartering machine reduces the load on the processor and makes it easier to split the logs. Another unique feature of this machine is its rotating threaded chromium cone. Its rotating cone makes it easier to position logs from the cab, which enhances the operator’s comfort and productivity. This feature is a huge advantage over traditional methods.

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