Best Cheapest Wood Processor

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the best wood processor. Whether you’re planning a small or large operation, you’ll need a processor with enough capacity. If you’re a large operation, you may need a professional-grade machine with features that you won’t need in a small operation. Consider the resale value, and whether you’ll be operating different sizes.

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When it comes to buying a wood processor, the price depends on many factors, including its size, durability, and operating costs. There are a variety of models available in various sizes, suited to different needs. For example, a large, outside wood boiler will require a large, slow-burning piece of wood, whereas a restaurant with a wood-fired oven will require smaller pieces.

Durability is a vital factor, as major breakdowns will reduce your output and profitability. It is therefore advisable to test the wood processor before making a final decision. Commercial wood processors process thousands of cords per year, and a major breakdown or repair can put the entire operation behind schedule.


If you’re in the market for a new wood processor, a Japa model might be the right choice. This small, portable unit has a six-inch blade and a 3/4-inch cutting disc for a high-quality cut. It can handle logs up to twelve feet long and cut 24-inch rounds with ease. It also has an electric steering system and a Honda iGX800 v-twin engine. It is easy to operate and has a joystick for a user-friendly design.

A Japa firewood processor is an excellent option for both home and contract work. Its split and log feed mechanisms are very efficient and reduce the amount of pusher movement, resulting in clean, consistent firewood regardless of the size or type of log. Another advantage of this model is that you can operate it with one hand, making it very easy to use and safe.

The Japa 305 firewood processor is designed for easy mobility and effortless operation. Its hydraulically driven chainsaw operates safely and reliably, so you won’t have to worry about the chain breaking. This processor is equipped with a log lift and a powered infeed conveyor to move logs into the cutting chamber.

Japa firewood processors are made in Finland from high-quality European components and are built to last. The company is always working to improve its designs, making it even more efficient and user-friendly. It is also known for its safety and smart operation, and a long service life. The company’s Pro models offer a lot of features.

Apache Forest Products, Inc. is a company in Leduc, Alberta that sells the Japa 2100 firewood processor. The machine can split logs up to 14 inches in diameter and can also split them two or four ways. It comes with a 5.6-ton cylinder and can be operated without the splitting blade.

DYNA firewood processors are widely available for rent in the U.S. and can cost tens of thousands of dollars. DYNA firewood processors are durable, easy to use and have high precision. They are also affordable. The company also provides rental options for its customers. Japa also offers a full line of small logging equipment.


One of the best cheapest wood processors available on the market is the Transaw. These machines come in a variety of sizes and can process up to six cubic meters of wood per hour. They also have low power consumption and high-speed cutting systems that ensure a consistent output. A Transaw can process logs with a diameter of up to fourteen inches. These machines also feature a 4.3-meter discharge conveyor. They can be operated manually or automatically.

The Transaw 350XLS is a semi-automatic firewood processor that features a circular saw with a 35-cm cutting capacity. It also has a 15-tonne semi-automatic splitter that can split up to 15 tonnes of firewood at a time. It can be operated using a control lever, which allows the operator to check the log’s alignment before splitting it.

A Transaw splitter can split knotty timber. This is especially beneficial for customers who process rings through kindling wood machines. It can split knotty wood that would otherwise be unsuitable for kindling. Another benefit of using a Transaw splitting blade is that it does not use vee belts.

The Transaw 350XLS is a PTO driven machine that weighs around 2000kg. The machine is also available as an electric version. This machine uses the latest quiet hydraulic drive systems to minimize noise. The hydraulic saw drive is quiet when in operation and brakes automatically. It is also suitable for processing flared or twisted logs.

If you need to process logs quickly, a Transaw firewood processor is the best option. It features a cutting blade that is adjustable and an ergonomic log feed system. It can process logs of up to 10 inches in diameter in four passes. It is also user-friendly and requires little maintenance.

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