Biltrite Wood Processor Feed Chain

The SCP-30 processor is manufactured by SCP-Mfg. Unfortunately, they don’t have a local dealer and don’t sell the parts you need off the shelf. A new chain can run you anywhere from four to five hundred dollars. But they last for a while, so if you do hit something, you can easily replace it. The chain also has half the kerf of a circle saw chopper, so you don’t need to worry about having to re-throw the whole machine.

Chain saw type processors

A chain saw type processor uses biltrite wood processor feed chain to lubricate the chain bar. They are less expensive than circular saws but require more maintenance. They are also less efficient, as they tend to tear the wood into smaller pieces. However, this does not mean they are useless. The main idea of a chain saw is to generate enough torque to pull the chain at a specified speed. To learn more about the important specifications, referring to the standard products available on the internet can be helpful. Taking note of the chain speed, torque, and HP of a chain saw will help you compare the motor specs.

A chain saw type processor is typically smaller than a circular saw, but can cut larger diameter wood. A chain bar of 16 inches can cut wood as large as 15″. Chain saws work by lowering the chain bar 90 degrees to the horizontal plane and then moving it back up. The chain bar is operated manually by an operator, while the circular saw requires professional assistance.

A chain saw and a firewood processor share a common chain bar. Both require regular maintenance and chain saws will require frequent lubrication. A firewood processor has a larger chain, which requires more space. It also requires less maintenance and produces less sawdust. It can be operated by the owner.

A firewood processor can be equipped with a hydraulic saw kit to make cutting the logs more efficient. This kit essentially replaces the manual cutting arm with a control lever. It uses low-pressure hydraulic power and is often operated from an elevated work platform. A hydraulic saw is more efficient than a manual one, and can work for a longer period of time.

New products for the wood processor

Wood processors have long been an important part of the firewood supply chain, but the landscape is undergoing a sea change. While the use of wood as fuel is not waning, manufacturers are focusing on reducing their workforce and increasing productivity through automation. In addition, end users are taking advantage of the high seasonal demand for fuel. As a result, the market for firewood processors is growing quickly. To stay competitive, key players are focusing on two types of product portfolios: value-added used firewood processors and new firewood processors.

Portable firewood processors are easier to manufacture, making them a popular choice among manufacturers. Meanwhile, stationary firewood processors tend to be used for long-term contracts and appeal to a smaller segment of end users. However, manufacturers can differentiate their products by offering financing options and reselling strategies.

Firewood processor manufacturers are increasingly leveraging online sales to reach new consumers. The growth of the residential sector in emerging countries is spurring a new round of sales for these manufacturers. Leading players are also investing in developing regions and streamlining their distribution networks. They are also using promotional platforms and events to build brand awareness.

For smaller wood businesses, Hud-Son Forest Equipment has developed the Wolverine firewood processor. The machine is portable and has an ATV-ready design that allows for easy mobility. It has a 10 HP engine and a two-stage hydraulic pump. It splits logs in two or four pieces, depending on their length.

With increasing demand for firewood, manufacturers are capitalizing on this trend to broaden their brand exposure ahead of the winter season. To further capitalize on this seasonal demand, manufacturers are offering financing options to end users. However, the firewood processor market remains highly fragmented. The leading players include CORD KING, DYNA Products, TAJFUN Planina doo, and Multitek North America LLC.


The Builtrite Wood Processor is a versatile wood processor with a number of benefits. This machine includes a powered infeed conveyor and an outfeed conveyor. It can split and cut logs up to 24 inches in length, and it can be powered by the tractor PTO. It has an industry-leading two-year or four-thousand-hour warranty. It also includes oversized pivot pins and hydraulic oil coolers to ensure optimum performance.

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