Bobcat Skid Steer Wood Processor

Halverson firewood processor

The Halverson firewood processor for Bobcats is a portable, easy-to-use unit mounted on the skid steer. It processes up to two cords of wood per hour. It can handle logs up to 16 inches in diameter. The skid steer will also carry the processed firewood away when it’s done.

Halverson, a leader in the industry, makes this all-in-one firewood processor for Bobcat skid steers. Their goal is to design simple, durable, and cost-effective equipment. The Halverson is operated from the skid steer loader seat and requires only one person. In comparison, other wood processing machines need multiple people to process logs.

The Halverson firewood processor for Bobcats is built by Halverson Wood Products, a company based in Minnesota. It attaches to a skid-steer and provides the necessary power and hydraulics to process the wood. Shaver invested in the processor in the spring of 2015 and has sold 36 units since then. His sales record is impressive, and he has been named a Halverson top dealer.

Halverson firewood processor for Bobcats is a versatile piece of equipment. It is highly productive and powerful and is safe for operators. The unit is designed to process one to two cords of wood per hour. It can be mounted on a skid steer or excavator.

Halverson HP-140

The HP-140 is a versatile wood processor that attaches to your bobcat skid steer or excavator. It processes logs up to 16 inches in diameter and is easy to adjust and maintain. The unit features an automatic chain oiler and multiple splitting head options. It can process one to two cords of firewood per hour.

This skid-steer wood processor from Halverson has multiple splitting heads and an automatic chain oiler. It can process logs up to 16 inches in diameter and a cord and a half in an hour. If you need a wood processor for a small business, consider the HP140.

The HP-140 wood processor from Halverson Wood Products is designed to attach to a skid steer for easy operation. This unit features five-way movement, a low power consumption, and is easy to store. It can process up to two cords of wood per hour and is also lightweight and portable.


The Halverson wood processor is a unique piece of equipment that attaches to the skid-steer loader. It uses hydraulics and power to cut and pulverize logs. It can process several cords at one time. Once finished, the finished firewood is ready for hauling away.

Unlike the horizontal log splitters, this machine requires just one person to split a log. The person operating the skid steer lowers the splitters over the record and locks them. Then, the operator lifts the log into the blade. The videos show this process in action.

The Bobcat skid steer wood processor has a cab with heat and air conditioning. It can process logs up to 20 feet long. In one hour, it can process 1.5 cords of firewood. The Skid Steer attachment helps to cut logs of any length into smaller pieces.


The Bobcat SSP-180 Pro log splitter was designed for ease of operation. With eight push buttons attached to the skid steer joysticks, the operator can quickly and easily control the splitter and saw. It produces uniformly sized firewood from logs up to 18 inches in diameter. Its auto-retracting blades and hydraulically adjustable splitter make processing logs simple.

The machine was designed to attach to a skid steer to maximize its potential for cutting firewood. The skid-steer provides the power and hydraulics required to operate the processor. Shaver decided to invest in the firewood processor in the spring of 2015. Within two years, he sold 36 units and was named a top dealer by Halverson.

The Halverson Wood Processor is another innovative piece of equipment that enables firewood harvesters to increase their output. The skid-steer loader attachment efficiently processes logs up to 20 feet long. The cutters can be easily adjusted and feature automatic chain oilers. It can process up to a cord and a half of firewood in an hour.

Hydraulic splitter

The hydraulic splitter for a bobcat skid steer is great for splitting logs in your yard. It allows you to easily split firewood and other types of wood quickly and efficiently. These splitters are designed to fit the giant skid steers and are ideal for cutting logs up to 6 inches in diameter. When selecting a splitter, check the PSI rating and flow rate.

The splitter is operated by a single person, making it easy for one person to split logs without risking personal injury. The operator lowers the splitters to split logs, locks them over the record, and lifts the log into the blade. It is impressive to watch the videos of the upside-down bobcat log splitters.

A standard bi-directional push block on this hydraulic splitter enables it to split hardwoods up to two cords per hour from logs as long as 60cm. The splitter also features an ergonomically designed deck level, which helps workers maintain a comfortable working height while splitting the logs. It also has intuitive controls, including left/proper controls for the log splitter and up/down controls for an optional log lift.

Palletized logs

For the most part, a Bobcat skid steer can handle firewood processing. The wood processor can pick up logs over 20 feet and cut them into firewood bundles with a Halverson attachment. This machine makes the process easy and efficient and can process records on-site, reducing the need for trucking and handling.

A skid steer firewood processor is easy to operate and store. After the logs are picked up, they roll onto the in-feed trough. Once they are in position, the high-speed chainsaw activates. This device can chop logs into lengths of up to 24 inches. This machine can be used in a firewood business, a tree service business, or resorts and camping areas.

Businesses and restaurants with fireplaces need firewood. Many big hotels have fireplaces in their lobby. Campgrounds, barbecue joints, warehouses, and gas stations also require firewood. The skid steer wood processor is ideal for meeting the demand for firewood.

Halverson YouTube channel

A.J. Halverson runs a business out of northeast Pennsylvania that sells firewood processors attached to Bobcat skid-steers. The machine’s process is up to 20 feet long and can process 1.5 cords an hour. The company also has a YouTube channel featuring videos of its firewood processors. Shaver purchased the first processor in the spring of 2015 and sold more than 35 units in two years. In 2016, he was named a top dealer for Halverson Wood Products.

Halverson’s skid-steer wood processors are an excellent tool for homeowners and businesses. Designed for ease of use, these machines eliminate manual labor associated with processing logs. Instead, they allow users to process up to a cord and a half per hour with little effort.

The Halverson skid-steer wood processor is an innovative piece of equipment that enables you to process firewood anywhere. It is easy to operate, can process up to two cords of firewood per hour, and is easily stored. It can process logs up to 16 inches in diameter and is easy to store.

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