Bobcat Wood Processor Attachment Price

The RCA 400 Joy is a high-end firewood processor and comes with self-contained hydraulics and optional RN 3000 Live Deck. It can split logs up to 19 inches in diameter. This machine is ideal for ranches and farms and has a 1-year warranty. Moreover, it has hydraulically adjustable four-way splitters and an auto-return feature.

Tajfun RCA 400 Joy wood processor

If you’re looking for a firewood processor attachment that can handle larger logs, consider the Tajfun RCA 400 Joy. The high-quality machine offers a compact design, a self-contained hydraulic system, and an optional RN 3000 Live Deck. It can split logs up to 19 inches in diameter and is perfect for ranches and farms. It also includes a 1-year warranty and hydraulically adjustable 4-way splitter, as well as an auto-return feature.

The 400 JOY is easy to transport and powered by the tractor PTO. It can also be attached to a 3 PT hitch. Alternatively, it can be fed by an optional RN 3000 Live Deck that can be trailered tandem behind the processor trailer hitch. It features self-contained hydraulics and electo-hydraulic controls.

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Transaw 350XLS

The Transaw 350XLS Bobcat wood processing attachment is one of the best firewood processors available in the market. It can process up to 14-inch logs with a high output and minimal effort. Designed by UK company Fuelwood, the Transaw features an automatic, semi-automatic splitting unit and a 35-cm circular saw. Its control lever lets the operator check alignment of the log before splitting it, making it a convenient machine for small-scale processing operations.

This wood processor is also affordable, with a low price tag. You can find an inexpensive model in the form of a folding saw, or you can purchase a more powerful model, such as the Transaw 350XLS Bobcat wood processor attachment. Another good option is the Yard MAX half-beam gas firewood processor. A few others are the Japa 405 and Transaw.

SSP-180 Pro

The Bobcat SSP-180 Pro wood processor attachement is a powerful tool that can help a homeowner clear large wooded areas. Its powerful saw cuts down trees, while the attached wood chipper makes quick work of brush and other woody materials. Its price is competitive and its features set it apart from the competition.

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The SSP-180 Pro has an impressive efficiency rating and is very easy to operate. It ships fully assembled and includes a one-year warranty. It also features a hydraulically adjustable 4-way splitter and auto-retractable saw. It will produce consistent sized firewood from logs up to 18 inches in diameter.

The Bobcat SSP-180 Pro wood processor is designed for commercial use and is available at a price that won’t put a dent in your wallet. This machine will increase your productivity by up to 15%, so it is well worth the price. Its high quality and price make it one of the most attractive options in the Bobcat lineup.

The SSP-180 Pro wood processor attachment is a reliable and durable tool for processing large logs. Its auto-return feature helps in maximizing splitting efficiency, while its hydraulic system makes it easy to operate on uneven surfaces. The SSP-180 Pro wood processor attachement includes a cutting unit, working end, and conveying member, and can process logs up to 18 inches in diameter.

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The Cord King firewood processor is also a great choice for firewood producers on a budget. Its price ranges from $30K to $140K, making it an affordable option for firewood producers. It can be purchased in most countries and is widely sold. The Cord King firewood processor has several advantages over other wood processors.

Halverson Wood Products

The Halverson wood processor is a unique piece of equipment that attaches to a skid-steer loader. Its cutting unit pivots downward on the catalog, while a ram forces the cutting portion of the catalog past the wedge. The entire process is repeatable, and can handle several cords at one time.

Shaver invested in a firewood processor manufactured by Halverson Wood Products. The machine attaches to a skid-steer and uses the machine’s hydraulics and power to process firewood. Shaver made his first purchase in the spring of 2015. Over two years, he sold 36 of the machines. In the process, he was named a top dealer for Halverson Wood Products.

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The HP-140 wood processor can process logs up to 16 inches. It also features an automatic chain oiler and an easy-adjustable chain. It is capable of processing a cord and a half of firewood per hour. This machine is great for light commercial and residential use.

The Halverson HWP 120B wood processor is a versatile and highly productive machine. It can process up to 1.5 cords of wood an hour and is manufactured in Minnesota. The attachment is compatible with bobcats and skid steers. It can also process sticks up to 20 feet long.

The Halverson firewood processor is easy to operate. It is designed to be user-friendly and can be mounted to skid steers. It processes one to two cords of wood per hour and can be stored easily. It can also handle logs up to 16 inches in diameter. Another feature of this machine is its compact working area and low running costs. It’s an efficient way to process large amounts of firewood.

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