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This article will give you information on the benefits of a bobcat wood processor versus a gas log splitter. The benefits include: A lower cost, ease of use, and large wood processing capacity. It is also comparable to a large gas log splitter. It is a great option for cutting logs that are too large to split manually.

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bobcat wood processor vs gas log splitter

One of the biggest differences between a gas log splitter and a Bobcat log splitter is how they operate. The Bobcat splitter is operated from the skid loader cab. The gas log splitter is a machine that splits logs horizontally and vertically. There are different types of gas log splitters, including half beam, full beam, and kinetic splitters. The splitters use two-speed pumps that provide up to ten tons of power. They have steel handles that help operate the machine. Several features of the splitter include a Jensen transformer, a passive design, and steel handles.

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Benefits of using bobcat wood processor

Before purchasing a wood processor, many homeowners and contractors like to see it in action, which is why A.J. Shaver decided to create a video to show potential customers what they can expect from their new investment. This video shows off the benefits of using the Halverson wood processor, which attaches to the hydraulics and power of a skid-steer loader. It has many benefits, and it can help homeowners and contractors save time and money by reducing the amount of transportation needed.

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