Bosch JS470EB Zigsaw

If you’re in the market for a new zigsaw, you’ve probably heard about the Bosch JS 470EB. It’s expected to replace the 1590EVSK and 1591EVSK models. This article will discuss its features, price, and dimensions.

JS 470EB zigsaw

The new JS 470EB zigsaw from Bosch will replace the 1590EVSK and 1591EVSK models. These models feature variable-speed dials for variable cutting speeds, and the new blade clamp allows for directional cutting. A blade-ejection lever also eliminates the need to touch the hot blades. In addition, the JS470EB features a dust-blowing system that maximizes cut-line visibility.


If you’re looking for a jigsaw that will do a better job ripping and cutting through wood, a JS470EB may be a perfect choice. It’s a high-quality tool with low vibrations and an internal precision control system that maintains desired speed, performance, and precision. It also features four orbital-action settings and a large die-cast foot.

JS 470EB zigsaw price

The JS470EB zigsaw is a powerful tool that will provide smooth and clean cuts. It has a 7.0 amp motor, which is superior to many of the offerings in the market. This saw has several convenient controls, including an on/off switch, orbital-action dial, and adjustable dust blower.

JS 470EB zigsaw dimensions

The JS470EB zigsaw is a powerful new tool from Bosch that will replace the 1591EVSK and 1590EVSK models. It is equipped with a multidirectional blade clamp and a multidirectional blade ejection lever. This multifunction tool also features a dust blower and a variable speed dial to control speed.

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