Brute Force CS 20-24 Wood Processor

The BRUTE FORCE CS 20-24 is a powerful wood processor that can cut up to 20 inches in diameter in a single cut. It has a more rigid design and a faster cutting speed than its competitors. It has cut over 920 cords with six carbide teeth and can be set up in less than five minutes. It also features a pick-up for easy moving and easy set-up.

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The Brute Force wood processor is an 18″ diameter, gas-powered wood-processing machine. Its powerful engine generates up to 37 horsepower and features a hydraulically driven live deck and automated infeed. The device also features beefy split ram and a 25-inch harvester bar. It has rugged construction and is designed to last for years. It also features a hydraulic log lift for easier handling of large logs.

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The Brute Force Model 16-24 Wood Processor is an excellent choice for homeowners or small firewood businesses. It features a 38 HP Kohler EFI big block gas engine and will process two to 3.5 cords per hour. It also has a 3-strand live deck, which converts into a log lift. Its chain conveyor has a 12-foot length.

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Brute Force wood processors are built tough to take on a wide variety of wood processing jobs. For example, the Brute Force CS 20-24 circle saw firewood processor is designed to quickly produce large amounts of firewood. It features a rugged steel frame and hydraulically driven live deck. Its 25″ harvester bar and beefy splitting ram make it tough enough to handle large volumes of wood. It’s also easy to use and maneuver around the job site.

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The 14-24 Brute Force wood processor is the most compact machine in the Brute Force series, but it still meets all the same standards as the larger models. It’s designed to process up to four cords of firewood per hour. It also has a standard 14′ integrated conveyor and hydraulically adjustable wedges.


The BRUTE FORCE CS 20-24 firewood processor can cut up to 20″ diameter logs with one pass. Its rugged design allows for faster cutting and fewer repairs than its competition. Users have cut over 920 cords using the CS 20-24 and only had to replace six of its carbide teeth. The machine is easy to set up and can be used in 5 minutes or less.

Brute Force Manufacturing builds this heavy-duty log splitter in Wisconsin. It has a Honda 20-HP electric-start engine, a 4.5-inch splitting cylinder, a hydraulic log lift, a heavy-duty sorting table grate, and 4.80×12 highway tires. Other features include a 36-inch splitter and an optional 8-foot conveyor.

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