Brute Force Wood Processor

What is a Brute Wood Processor?

A Brute Wood Processor is an automated machine designed to quickly cut and shape logs for use in construction and furniture making. It is an efficient and cost-effective way to process large amounts of wood. The Brute Wood Processor is equipped with a powerful motor and a sharp cutting blade, allowing it to quickly and cleanly cut logs into planks and other shapes. It also features a variety of attachments for specialty cuts, such as for making furniture or other items. The Brute Wood Processor is ideal for any operation that requires fast and accurate cutting of logs.


The 18-24-year-old Brute Force wood processor is the best mid-sized firewood processor. This machine has a rigid, rugged design that can process up to 21″ in diameter logs. It has a 38 HP Kohler EFI big block gas engine, a 3-strand live deck, a hydraulic lift, and a chain stacking conveyor. It also has a high-side truck box loading system.

The Brute Force USA firewood conveyor has a one-year warranty and customer service to address any issues you may have. The machine is of great value and comes in sizes ranging from 12 feet to 40 feet. The chains and paddles are heavy-duty and durable.


The Hud-Son Brute Firewood Processor EXT features dedicated pumps that run its chainsaw motor and splitting cylinder. Additionally, there is a four-gallon pump that powers the feed decks. The unit is ideal for processing larger logs and can move around the work site.


The Brute Force 14-24 is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a small firewood processor. Its gas engine powers a hydraulic saw and can process about one to 1.5 cords of logs per hour. It also has a hydraulic log lift and an 8′ chain conveyor. Other features include a four-way hydraulic wedge and an automatic bar oiler.

The 14-24 is the smallest machine in the Brute Force line, but it’s built to the same standards as the larger models. It’s an excellent machine for production and can make your daily firewood collection much more accessible. You’ll appreciate its compact design and easy maneuverability.

Another popular model is the 16-24 Firewood Processor. It’s one of the most powerful small machines available and is an excellent choice for home use. Its standard 38 HP Kohler EFI big block gas engine provides incredible power. It can process two to 3.5 cords per hour and up to 18-inch diameter logs.