Built-Rite Wood Processor Series

What is Built Rite Wood Processor Serial Location?

Built Rite wood processor serial location is the location of the serial number on the wood processor. This serial number is used to identify the model and manufacturer of the product and is usually located on the machine's data plate. Knowing the serial number can help with product registration and warranty registration. It is also important to keep this number on file in the event that the machine needs to be serviced.

The Built-Rite wood processor series includes a variety of products that can be used to process different types of wood. Its main products include the firewood tumbler, 16-way bundlewood splitter, and twelve, sixteen, and 20-foot integrated folding conveyors. In the future, the company plans to introduce a mid-size circular saw and a bundlewood wedge on the processor.


Whether you are looking for a wood processor or are considering purchasing one for your business, you will want to consider Built-Rite Mfg. As a leading firewood machinery company, Built-Rite has made a lot of innovation in the firewood industry, and its latest products have a lot to offer. The company has patented many features, including its Multi-Wedge Wood Splitting System and Scissor Clamp design. Many of their products are also industry firsts, such as compact processors, log stops, and integrated folding conveyors. They are also planning to introduce mid-size circular saws and incorporate bundlewood wedges into their processors.


The Built-Rite wood processor series includes a variety of models, all of which can be used to split wood. Built-Rite’s firewood processing equipment was developed to make firewood preparation easier and more efficient. The company is known for innovating in the firewood machinery industry, and has recently introduced several new products. These include the 16-way wedge bundlewood splitter and a 12-foot integrated folding conveyor. In addition, the company plans to introduce a mid-size circular saw, and to integrate the bundlewood wedge onto its processor.

Built-Rite’s conveyors feature a hydraulic drive from the top of the machine, allowing the machine to be easily lifted and moved. They are also designed with a removable motor bracket and wide stance, making them stable on the ground. This series features five different models.

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Known for its innovations in the firewood industry, Built-Rite Mfg. has introduced a number of new products for 2018-19. These include a new firewood tumbler and a 16-way wedge bundlewood splitter. Additionally, the company is planning to introduce mid-sized circular saws and an integrated folding conveyor system.