Buy a 12000 Wood Processor From Craigslist

If you are looking to make a big investment, you may want to consider buying a 12000 wood processor from Craigslist. These devices can handle large jobs in a couple of days. Although a wood processor requires a high initial investment, it can drastically increase your firewood sales. It can handle a high demand for logs, too.

Buying a firewood processor

Buying a firewood processor is the safest and quickest way to process large amounts of wood, although it may be an expensive investment for the average homeowner. However, if you have a firewood business, this machine can be an invaluable investment. Wood processors come in a wide range of sizes, from compact machines that you can operate by yourself to larger models that you can tow with your truck.

The main difference between firewood processors is the size and the number of cords they can process in an hour. The smaller machines can only process one cord of firewood per hour, while the larger units can process up to four cords per hour. Purchasing a wood processor is a great way to start a business, but you should also remember that these machines can break down. In addition to that, firewood processors also require maintenance. Fortunately, many companies offer used machines at a significantly cheaper price.

Buying a 1610EZ

The 1610EZ firewood processor is a portable, heavy-duty firewood processor that can be towed behind a pick-up truck. It features standard features for rapid deployment and is designed for growing firewood production businesses and rental use. It has a 20-inch hydraulic bar saw with a joystick that cuts logs with ease. This machine is also built with a reusable 3/8″ pitch chain.

Buying a 1610

The 1610EZ firewood processor can be pulled behind a pick-up truck and has standard features for quick deployment. It is designed for firewood producers with a mobile operation or growing businesses. It is also ideal for rental use. The 1610EZ has a 20″ hydraulic bar saw with a joystick to cut logs into smaller pieces. The chain that is used to drive the saw is standard 3/8″ pitch, which keeps costs down and allows it to be re-used.

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