Buying a 2015 Dyna SC-12 XP Wood Processor

What is 2015 Dyna SC 12XP Wood Processor?

2015 Dyna SC 12XP Wood Processor is a heavy-duty, high-performance industrial wood chipper and processor manufactured by Dyna Products Inc. It is designed for fast and efficient chipping of logs and whole trees, as well as for producing wood chips for use in landscaping projects. The machine has a powerful engine, a large infeed hopper, and a heavy-duty flywheel that provides maximum torque for efficient chipping. It also features an adjustable discharge chute, adjustable knives, and a dust control system. The machine is capable of chipping and processing logs up to 24 inches in diameter and up to 18 feet in length.

If you are looking for a good wood processor, you may want to consider the DYNA SC-12 XP. This unit features a 20-horsepower HONDA gas motor and a 6-foot integrated conveyor to process wood faster and easier. It is also equipped with a unique Log Lifter mechanism that eliminates the need for a loader.

DYNA SC-12 XP Firewood Processor

When you’re ready to buy a firewood processor, you might be wondering which model would be best for your needs. You’ll want to keep in mind that the DYNA SC-12 XP has a few advantages over other models in the same category. For example, the XP model features a larger engine and motor for processing large logs. The machine also features a chainsaw to cut logs.

The SC-12 XP is designed to be quick to set up and operate. It features a powerful Honda 20-horsepower engine and can process up to one cord of firewood an hour. It also has a heavy duty 18-inch harvester bar and a 10-foot conveyor. Its optional six-way wedge splitter also makes it a versatile piece of equipment.

This firewood processor is made for farmers, homeowners, and small wood businesses. It can be towed by an ATV. It has a 10-HP engine and a two-stage hydraulic pump. It can split logs into two or four pieces and can be cut to desired length.

DYNA’s SC-12 XP Firewood Processor

DYNA manufactures two types of firewood processors – SC-12 XP and SC-16 XP. Both models offer a high capacity and a high level of efficiency. Both have a 16-foot belt conveyor and feature a hydraulic Booster Valve. In addition, they come with a hydraulic log loader. The SC-15 is a high-output tandem axle firewood processor that offers a high-output frame and powerful hydraulics.

Firewood processors from DYNA offer high outputs and are long-lasting. The company offers a two-year warranty, ensuring that their machines are reliable for a long time. DYNA also offers resale discounts on second-hand machines and offers rental services.

The SC-12 XP firewood processor features an upgraded V-twin Honda 20-hp engine and is capable of processing up to 10′ diameter logs. It is easy to use and quick to setup. It also features a heavy-duty 18-inch harvester bar and a 4″ x 24″ hydraulic cylinder. It can also be equipped with an optional 6 way wedge splitter.

Another great option for firewood processors is the SC-14 from DYNA. This innovative machine can process up to 10 feet of logs in an hour. It has a joystick control panel that is ergonomically designed for easy handling. It also has an adjustable belt conveyor for 16 feet of logs and auto-croomed log infeed correction.

DYNA firewood processors are available for rent in the United States. They are reliable, long-lasting, and cost-effective. The company also offers rental options, if you do not want to purchase a unit. Japa firewood processors are made in Finland and use high-quality European parts to ensure high performance and ease of use. The company offers an array of models to suit all types of users.