Buying a Cord of Wood in Raleigh NC

What is a Cord of Wood Raleighnc?

A cord of wood Raleighnc is a unit of measurement for firewood. It is defined as a stack of wood 4 feet high, 8 feet long, and 4 feet wide, and typically contains around 800 cubic feet of wood. The cord is a standard unit of measurement in the firewood industry and is used to calculate the price of firewood. The weight of a cord of wood varies depending on the species and moisture content of the wood.

If you’re looking to buy a cord of wood, there are many options. While the legal volume of a cord is 128 cubic feet, the measurement for wood varies. To measure the volume of a cord of wood, stack the wood in a straight line against a flat surface, such as a wooden or metal pole. You want to make sure that each log is touching another log, and that the logs are stacked parallel to one another.