Buying a Cord of Wood in Vermont


Buying a cord of wood can feel like a gamble. Some wood sellers use their lingo and terms to confuse buyers. If you want to ensure you are getting suitable wood, ask the seller about the volume of the wood. It’s also important to inquire about the wood’s moisture content. If the wood is too dry, it’ll burn less efficiently. However, if it’s too moist, it’s more likely to produce creosote when you burn it. The best wood for burning is naturally seasoned or kiln-dried.

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If you’re interested in buying a cord of wood in Vermont, you should know a few things. Most people believe the wood is from a local retailer. However, if you’re looking for a large amount of wood, you may have to pay extra for delivery. The delivery cost depends on the seller’s location and your delivery type. Most reputable sellers will only charge you for delivery within a certain radius.

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Kiln-dried cords go for $475 delivered. This is the most expensive type of firewood, but it is ready to burn immediately. Kiln-dried wood also leaves less creosote in your chimney and is more bug-free.

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Kiln-dried cords are priced 30% higher than naturally seasoned wood. However, they are also cleaner and provide more BTU. In addition, they are ready to burn at any time. You can buy kiln-dried wood as a whole cord, or you can buy it in smaller quantities, such as a quarter-face cord. The quarter-face cable is ideal for those who want to experiment with kiln-dried firewood. A quarter-face line is typically made up of 16″ pieces of wood. Stacking the wood can save you money.

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If you’re buying a cord of wood in Vermont, you might need clarification on all the terms used to describe it. You might be asked if the wood is a face cord, a quarter-face cord, or a run of wood. These terms could be more specific and clear. They don’t even have a legal definition. You can find more information on the USDA website. You can also search for a seller’s ratings on the Better Business Bureau website.

If you’re looking for a cord of wood in Vermont, there’s a simple way to determine the wood’s moisture content. Kiln-dried wood is less moist than naturally seasoned firewood, but it’s still essential to check the moisture content of the wood. Ideally, you’ll want to get at least 10 to 20% moisture content in your cord. If the wood is too moist, it will be more challenging to start and burn poorly. In addition, burning wood below 15% moisture content is a fire hazard.

Some wood stove installers struggle with the firewood shortage and the rising logging costs. The price of wood has increased over the past year. The rise in fuel prices and a lack of workers have also contributed to the increase. You may be paying more than you need to for a cord of wood in Vermont.

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