Buying a Cord of Wood Near New Milford CT

Your house may have been leveled by a fire depending on where you live. If you want to purchase a cord of wood, you may find that prices are more than a year ago. The cost of firewood has increased by around 33%.

Firewood prices are up 33% from a year ago.

Increasing energy costs are driving a rise in firewood prices. A recent Bloomberg news report quoted firewood suppliers in the US, saying sales are soaring on the eve of winter. The US Energy Information Administration estimates that 1% of the population will use wood as their primary heating source, and another 8% will use it as a secondary heat source. The soaring cost of heating oil and natural gas is also part of the inflation surge, says Tom Butcher, an energy expert at Brookhaven National Laboratory. The Biden administration is releasing strategic petroleum reserves to arrest crude prices. This could backfire, however.

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A cord of seasoned firewood costs about $200 in New River, Ariz., while a kiln-dried cable goes for $475, delivered. This year, Hornbeck’s Wood Products in New Milford, CT, has sold about 3,300 cords of wood, with some customers already locking in orders for next season. According to the company, they expect to run out of seasoned logs by February. Customers should consider ordering wood before Easter. Buying a split axe and splitting the wood themselves is another way to cut costs.

Many white-collar workers have moved out of metropolitan areas and into more suburban areas, creating a demand for firewood. But while wood is cheaper than fuel, a fire in a conventional fireplace is an inefficient way to heat a home. And a wood fire can also introduce pests into a home. Buying local firewood is also essential, preventing invasive species from invading local forests.

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An EIA advisor says the best time to buy wood is early spring. A cord of unseasoned lumber costs about 40% less than a cord of seasoned wood. But it’s hard to burn unseasoned wood because it’s heavier and has a higher moisture content. It also produces more smoke, making it harder to light.

If you want to buy firewood, consider purchasing a half cord instead. This costs slightly more per cubic foot than a full cord, but it’s an excellent backup heat source. Many professionals sell half cords in all regions. They range from $100 to $300. Buying local firewood helps prevent invasive species in local forests, says Tom Butcher.

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Firewood vendors report a brisk sale on the eve of winter, but don’t expect the prices to stay this high. Buying a cord of wood is still the best way to heat a home, but it’s essential to consider the costs associated with the wood.

A fire in a home near new Milford may have leveled a home.

Several firefighting crews from Brookfield, CT, and surrounding communities responded to a fire at home on Sunny Valley Road south of downtown New Milford. No injuries have been reported. The fire started in a chimney connected to a wood-burning stove. One firefighter was treated for smoke inhalation. A few firefighters attacked the fire from inside the home.

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The state fire marshal’s office is investigating the propane above the bonanza. The New Milford Fire Marshal’s Office reminds residents to keep their smoke detectors in good working order. The town is also encouraging homeowners to have their chimneys cleaned at the start of each season.

The community is coming together to help the victims and families affected by the fire. A Facebook group called “New Milford Explosion Community Relief” has more than 3,000 members. Some community members have even sent emails to the Litchfield County Times. The American Red Cross has offered to help families in need.

The Mare Lane home fire also highlights the importance of cleaning out your chimney at the beginning of the season. The state Fire Marshal’s Office has issued an advice sheet to help residents understand the importance of having a working smoke detector. The fire may have been prevented had the family members heeded that advice. The Litchfield County Times has received numerous emails from residents and local businesses in the area offering assistance.

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