Buying a Palax Firewood Processor

If you are interested in purchasing a quality firewood processor, consider a Palax firewood processor. They are known for their quality and can be found in the Product Catalog 2020. However, there are some essential factors to consider when buying one. The first factor is the amount of wood you plan on processing.

RCA 400 Joy

The 400 JOY is Tajfun’s flagship firewood processor. This versatile machine features cutting, clamping, and splitting functions and a height-adjustable splitting wedge. It also includes an oil-cooled, self-contained hydraulic system that ensures reliable performance even under prolonged use.

RCA C900

The RCA C900 Palax wood processor has many necessary features for professional use. It came with a 900mm stiff metal blade and a patented Palax Optimi system for splitting wood. It also has a swingable 14′ conveyor belt and a PTO-driven motor.

The RCA C900 Palax wood processor has complete hydraulic control, a solid feed conveyor, and a 4.3-m discharge conveyor. The machine is delivered fully assembled and is very easy to use. The X-Aim accessory lets you set the height of the splitting wedge automatically. This allows for easy processing and the optimum output. It also includes quick-release conveyors and a winch, making it easy to move the machine from one job site to another.

Cord King has been manufacturing firewood processors for over 30 years. The company manufactures eight models ranging from K to 0K, making them affordable for most firewood producers. The company has sold its machines in Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, England, South America, and other parts of the world. These machines are popular with professional and home firewood processors alike.

RCA C750

The Parallax RCA C750 wood processor is the ultimate firewood processor, with its 750 mm hard-tip blade that can cut up to 28 cm in diameter wood. It is also one of the fastest processors in its size class. Its wide rear part helps the wood to travel easily in the cutting groove, while the robust splitting blade ensures safety and productivity.

This wood processor features an automatic rapid-motion valve that guarantees fast processing speed. It also comes with a grate that captures debris during the process, so you can be confident that the wood is pristine and ready for use. Another feature of this processor is its hydraulic system, which is entirely self-contained, ensuring its reliability and dependability during long-term use.

RCA D410

The RCA D410 wood processor from Tajfun has a powerful 55 HP Hatz diesel engine and a joystick-controlled, large-capacity firewood processor. Its programmable touchscreen also lets you monitor the process, including the amount of wood processing and its functions.

RCA C1000

The Parallax RCA C1000 wood processor features hydraulic controls and a robust input and output conveyor. Its disturbance-free output conveyor is 4.3 meters long and can be configured with two or 12-way splitting axes. Another feature is the automatic high-speed valve, which ensures continuous high-speed operation. It automatically resumes high-speed operation after splitting.

This firewood processor is designed to process larger logs with less effort. It can handle up to 17-inch diameter wood and split up to 12 ways. It also comes with a three-point hitch and PTO drive. The high-speed valve and sealed bearings allow it to cut up to three cords of wood per hour. It also has a swingable 14-foot conveyor that can be adjusted to suit the size and type of wood.

RCA C2000

The RCA C2000 parallax wood processor is a powerful machine that is great for processing wood. Its Optimi technology maximizes the splitting stroke. This allows the splitter to process longer logs at a faster rate. It also has automatic height adjustment for the splitting wedge. This machine is equipped with a 16-ton splitter and is available as a Pro+ model.

This firewood processor comes in both circular and chain saw configurations. It can process wood up to 17 inches in diameter and produces one to three cords per hour. It has a PTO drive and a three-point hitch and can split wood into twelve ways. This machine also has a sealed bearing system, a high-speed valve, and a swingable 14-foot conveyor.

This machine is a mobile powerhouse. It has a 55 hp Hatz diesel engine and a programmable touch screen. It has an intuitive control panel that shows the cut quantity. It also displays all the functions of the machine.

RCA C5000

The Parallax RCA C5000 wood processor can process up to three cords of wood per hour. It is available in a chain saw or circular saw configuration. It features a PTO drive and a three-point hitch for easy transport. This machine also has a high-speed valve, sealed bearings, and a swingable 14-foot conveyor.

RCA C3000

If you are looking for a firewood processor, consider the RCA C3000 parallax wood processing machine. This machine is manufactured by Tajfun, which specializes in producing quality firewood processing equipment. Its highly efficient wood processor uses a chain saw to split and cut firewood. The machine has a self-contained hydraulic system and a wide range of features.

This machine is powered by a PTO and features a 4.3-meter output conveyor. The device can process up to 17-inch-diameter wood and produces one to three cords per hour. It comes with a three-point hitch and an automatic high-speed valve. It also features sealed bearings and a swingable 14-foot conveyor.

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