Buying a Portable Wood Processor

What is a Portable Wood Processor?

A portable wood processor is a machine used to cut and split firewood quickly and efficiently. It is able to process logs into firewood of the desired size and shape, which can then be used for home heating and other purposes. The processor is typically powered by a gasoline or diesel engine, and consists of a conveyor belt, saw blade, splitting wedge, and other components. Portable wood processors are great for homeowners and commercial operations that need to cut and split large amounts of firewood in a short amount of time.

When buying a portable wood processor, you will want to find one that meets your needs. Choose a unit that is easy to use and requires minimal space. It also needs to be safe and easy to maintain. If you have a tractor, it is helpful if the processor can connect to it. Safety is a primary concern when working with a portable wood processor.

Cord King

Consider purchasing a Cord King portable firewood processor if you are in the market for a mobile wood processor. This machine has a high production rate and is made by a family-owned company in Western Massachusetts. It can process up to a cord of wood per hour, ideal for professional users, small businesses, and home use.

This heavy-duty portable processor offers a wide variety of features and is affordable for anyone on a budget. It is available in two models: medium-duty and heavy-duty models. Both models provide processing capacities of up to 6 cubic meters per hour and feature low power and running costs. Other benefits of this machine include its variable-speed control and hard-metal blade.

Cord King portable wood processors feature the highest production rates of any mobile firewood processor on the market today. These machines are powered by an engine capable of up to 127 horsepower. They can process four to 10 cords of firewood an hour and have an industry-leading cut-to-cut cycle time of three to five seconds.

Cord King portable wood processors are reliable firewood processing equipment and are easy to service and repair. The manufacturer also offers a variety of replacement parts for their products. Their AutoSplit firewood processor features an automatic block return system. This machine also features hydraulic rams for splitting multiple blocks simultaneously, reducing operator fatigue.


If you’re looking for a portable wood processor, check out Multitek’s lineup of models. They provide excellent performance, serviceability, and support. Each model is geared toward different applications, including firewood processing. And if you have any questions or concerns, you can call the company directly for assistance. In addition, the company offers several warranty options for all its wood processor models. Here’s what you need to know about the Multitek 2040XP2:

The Multitek Model 2020LDCS is a commercial firewood processor with a heated operator’s cab and integrated stacking conveyor. It also comes standard with a John Deere Tier III diesel engine and pintle hitch. This processor is lightweight and easily transportable and can process logs up to 30 inches in diameter. It also has four chain live deck arms and a saw chip blower.

The Multitek Log Buster is designed for processing large-diameter logs. It features a 115-hp diesel power unit and a 40-second full cycle time. It can also be used as a biomass grinder. This may be the best choice if you want a high-quality portable wood processor.

Multitek firewood processors are known for their affordability and durability. There are also several new models on the market today, including the Timberwolf Pro HD Inline Firewood Processor, which was recently introduced and sold. Other models include the DYNA SC-12-XP and SC-14 Firewood Processor. Other options include the Brute Firewood Processor, which features a 23 hp Electric Start and a 20” diameter log. The unit also has a 4-way adjustable wedge standard.


The Timberwolf portable wood processor is an excellent tool for those who want to quickly process a large amount of firewood. The unit’s hydraulic system allows for scalable production levels ranging from a few cords per day to several hundred cables per week. Its conveyor system can also load a one-ton dump truck from the rear.

With a single-operator capacity, the TW-PRO MP XL firewood processor is an excellent tool for small businesses. It is powered by a 49-horsepower Kohler diesel engine and features a fast cycle time. It also has a four-way wedge and a standard hitch for easy transport.

The Timberwolf Firewood Processor weighs around six hundred pounds and features a 40-inch guillotine-style circular saw, which enables a better view of the cutting process. The guillotine style also provides improved log drop into the split chamber. Logs can be cut to any length and diameter, and the saw can process up to a full cord per hour.

DYNA Products is a mid-size manufacturer of firewood processors. It was founded in 2007 and is a market leader in the firewood processing industry. The company used to make portable bandmills but now focuses solely on firewood processors. The company sells its firewood processors in Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Denmark, England, and South America.

Timberwolf firewood processors can be purchased with an optional hydraulic carrier. The HFP160 Firewood Pro is ideal for firewood operations that require large volumes of wood. For optimal performance, it is essential to have a page with a 20-gallon per minute hydraulic flow. It should also have enough lifting capacity to handle a sizeable 16-inch-diameter log.

Task power

Task power can provide a high-quality machine if you need a portable wood processor. They’re a reseller and importer of quality equipment and offer a variety of top-quality brands, including Wallenstein chippers, EXOCUT High Production Log Splitters, Dosko stump grinders, and much more. Task power also has a division called ProtectaMat, which specializes in ground protection mats for forestry jobs. Their goal is to provide you with dependable machinery.

Taskpower’s WP845 Portable Wood Processor is a top-quality, affordable tool that can process up to 1.5 cords of wood per hour. It has a comfortable cutting height and a single-action control, which makes it easy to operate, even for those with back problems. This powerful machine is perfect for large farms and other large consumers of firewood.

Another portable wood processor option is the Cord King 27-40 firewood processor. It costs around USD 77,000. It processes three to four cords of wood an hour and features a 36-horsepower engine. This machine also features a patented Top Roll clamping system. When you’re looking for a portable wood processor, you want to research the cost of labor, materials, and other factors. By doing so, you can determine how much a mobile wood processor will cost you in the long run.


The Apache portable wood processor is a top-of-the-line unit for processing firewood in a small space. Using a 13-horsepower Honda engine, it features an independent hydraulic system that cuts logs up to 20 inches in diameter. The processor can produce one cord of firewood per hour. It is designed for one person to operate and has a highway subframe and suspension axle for added safety.