Buying a Wood Processor With a Table Grate

What is a Wood Processor Outfeed Table Grate?

A wood processor outfeed table grate is a hinged metal grate that is installed under the outfeed table of a wood processor. This grate serves to catch wood chips, shavings, and other debris that may be generated during the wood processing operation. It also helps to keep the work area clean and organized, making it easier to move materials around the work area. The grate is typically made of heavy-duty steel and can be adjusted to fit different sizes of outfeed tables. It is a must-have accessory for any wood processor, ensuring that the work area remains clean and safe.

You can buy a wood processor with a table grate to feed wood to the Log deck. The table grate can make the process easier and faster. If you need to feed large blocks, you can use a special grate that makes large diameter blocks easier to process.

Log deck

There are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration when buying a log deck for wood processors. For example, a log deck needs to be large enough to accept the size and shape of the logs. It also needs to be strong enough to support the weight of the logs. Ideally, a wood processor should be able to support a log deck that is three to four inches in diameter.

A poorly designed log deck can make the firewood processing process extremely time consuming and tedious. It also lacks the ergonomic features necessary for high productivity and user comfort. Moreover, it requires frequent filling, which takes up precious time and increases labor costs. A poorly designed log deck may also result in accidents involving multiple logs, which cause production breaks. Another disadvantage is that conventional infeeding chains are cumbersome to operate.

The firewood processor weighs approximately 1250 lbs. It can be easily moved from one location to another by using a medium-sized tractor’s three-point lift. Another benefit is that it has a self-cleaning output conveyor. These features make it the ideal machine for professional users.

Another benefit of purchasing a used processor is that it will require a smaller investment. A used machine may also be better suited for small businesses. In addition to the blade, a wood processor can also incorporate a Cundey pointer and peelers. The latter can be fitted with a new hydraulic roller feed.

The Japa 315+ firewood processor features hydraulics, a wood chute, and a powered infeed conveyor. The model also comes with a log lifter. The log lift can help raise the logs onto the machine and move them into the cutting chamber. The Japa 315+ Basic model has hydraulics, which is a more affordable alternative. This machine is easy to control with one hand.

Log deck grate

Wood processors have a variety of features that help you get the most out of your machine. They can handle up to 10 tons of force and have wide tables for large pieces of tree. They are also easy to adjust and fold away for easy stowing. If you’re looking for a new table for your machine, consider this option.