Chomper B18 Wood Processor by Rainier Hydraulics

Bob uses his chomper b18 wood processor to cut trees in a variety of weather conditions. He uses it on frozen wood too! It’s easy to operate and doesn’t have a learning curve. Bob bought it after doing his research on the internet and visiting a local supplier, Northland Chipper, in Langley, BC. Bob wanted it for one reason only: it had to do the job.

Bob uses the chomper b18 wood processor

Bob uses the Chomper B18 wood processor by Rainier Hydraulics to process almost a thousand cords of wood each year. His business consists of custom cutting and processing large logs. It comes with a hydraulic winch, which enables one operator to process up to two to four cords of wood per hour while standing safely on the ground. He purchased the machine from a dealer in Rainier, Ore., and did his research online to select the best machine. One of the features of the Chomper that Bob liked was its ability to process logs in all types of conditions.

The Chomper B18 can handle up to 14-inch logs and can be set to automatically cut logs. Bob also uses a Makita chainsaw and woodworking tools to keep himself busy. Bob works in the open air during bad weather and has a woodworking shop where he can store the finished product. This shop is heated with a second wood stove.

Bob uses the chomper b18 wood processor in all weather conditions

Bob uses the Chomper B18 wood processor from Rainier Hydraulics in all weather conditions, even in the snow and ice. This powerful machine is easy to operate by one person and processes logs at ground level. Its hydraulic winch makes it easy to move logs from one area to another and also helps to ensure the operator’s safety. The machine can process two to four cords of wood per hour, and it can be operated safely by the operator. This wood processor was purchased through the company in Rainier, Ore., after researching the machine on the internet.

Bob processes close to 1,000 cords of wood annually, using the Chomper. It is capable of processing logs up to 14 inches in diameter. His other equipment includes a Makita chainsaw and other woodworking tools. He also purchases lumber, which keeps him busy during bad weather. In addition to operating the Chomper in the open air, Bob also uses it in his woodworking shop. This shop is heated with a second wood stove.

Bob uses the chomper b18 wood processor on frozen wood

Bob runs a variety of businesses under the umbrella of his Go 4 It Enterprise, including making custom planters and cutting grass in the summer. He uses a Chomper SMPLX14D wood processor by Rainier Hydraulics, located in Rainier, Ore. He researched the product on the Internet before making his purchase. The Chomper is equipped with a four-way splitter and a 20-foot conveyor for offloading into a wood pile. He also uses a Bobcat S175 to move the firewood away from the machine.

The Chomper has a large diameter saw blade, but it does not completely sever the log. The blade cuts the log at about 80 percent of its diameter. Then, the frame pulls the log forward, causing it to split into four equal pieces. This cycle continues until the log is split. A hydraulic pump and 68-hp diesel engine help power the machine. The machine costs $25,500.

Bob uses the Chomper on frozen wood and he likes its ease of use. He greases the machine daily. The machine has eight grease nipples, which are easy to change. Bob even explained how often to change the oil in his Chomper.

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