Choosing a 100 HP Wood Processor

A 100 HP wood processor is a powerful machine, which can process large volumes of wood quickly and easily. This machine comes with a variety of features that can improve the quality of your wood products, including high performance, durability, and ease of use. If you’re looking for a wood processor, you should consider the Triple Multi-Wedge. This model features powered feed rollers, a 52″ vertical circular saw, and block twirler. It also comes with a Kubota diesel engine. If you want an even more powerful machine, you should consider the P.T.O. 1. This machine has the same cutting and splitting capacity as a 40 SCP, but is designed for larger tractors.

High Performance 40 HP wood processor

The High Performance 40 HP wood processor by Built-Rite has been designed to offer high production at an affordable price. It is powered by a 50 HP Kohler diesel engine coupled with a triple hydraulic pump. This model allows you to split and cut wood simultaneously. Its custom built hydraulic cylinder is the latest innovation from Built-Rite, and it comes standard with all the latest options.

The Triple Multi-Wedge is the most advanced firewood processor ever built. The machine features an incredible 54” vertical cylinder with a custom-built 4″ cylinder with a high speed return. The machine also features a high-performance 4″ hydraulic cylinder and a 4-way adjustable wedge for splitting logs up to ten inches in diameter. It is available with a Hi-Lo circuit for increased splitting performance and faster cycle times.

High Performance 60 HP wood processor

The High Performance 60 HP wood processor comes with a host of standard features and benefits. For starters, the unit has a robust standard build. It features a Kohler diesel engine, a custom built 4″ cylinder, and a 4-second cycle time. In addition, it also features a multi-wedge option and a heated cabin.

Other features include a patented guillotine cutting system and US-sourced components. This combination reduces maintenance costs and increases machine productivity. The Multitek 1620 SS Firewood Processor has an integrated 40-inch insert-tooth circular saw, which increases productivity by 30 percent compared to a chain-and-bar model. This machine can handle logs up to 16 inches in diameter and is capable of processing two to three cords per hour.

High Performance 80 HP wood processor

Multitek’s flagship commercial wood processor is the Multitek 2040XP2. It has an 80 hp diesel engine and an eight-way splitter head for high-speed processing of large logs. It is easy to operate and has an impressive cycle time. Standard features include an overhead log infeed shuttle grapple and 60′ circular saw.

The high-performance Cord King CS-Series firewood processor is a powerful unit that can process four to ten cords of firewood per hour. The machine has a heavy-duty diesel engine and a heavy-duty hydraulic pump. It has a 6-comprehensive wedge for splitting wood, a fast cycle time, and a one-year commercial warranty.

The Triple Multi-Wedge is one of the best firewood processors ever designed. It has powered feed rollers, a 52″ vertical circular saw, a block twirler, a 100 HP Kubota diesel, and a heavy-duty live deck with log stops. This machine is towable and powered by a tractor’s PTO. It also has a knife that slices logs as they feed into the machine. It has been in business for over 30 years, and has expanded into the North American market.

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