Choosing a Fire Wood Processor Saw Blade

The choice of fire wood processor saw blade is important if you want to have a smooth cutting experience. While circular blade firewood processors are intimidating, there are safety measures that can reduce the risks of accidents. A good saw blade will increase the cutting rate while reducing the sawdust. In this article, we will discuss some of the factors to consider when choosing a blade.

Circular saw

A Circular saw firewood processor is a great tool for cutting and splitting timber. Using a circular saw, you can cut any tree with ease. Circular saw blades can also handle stones and grit, which would quickly dull a chainsaw. Plus, the sawdust produced by a circular saw is oil free and can be used as bedding for animals. Some models even have X-Aim technology, which automatically adjusts the splitting wedge to the perfect height.

A quality circular saw blade should be sharp and durable. A dull blade can result in a piece of firewood that does not cut smoothly. A dull blade can also cause your firewood to end up in the wrong position, requiring you to keep repositioning it as the saw goes. Some firewood processors are equipped with TCT (thick carbon-titanium carbide) blades. These blades can last up to 10-20 times longer than a regular blade.

A circular saw firewood processor offers speed, flexibility, and freedom from maintenance. The circular saw blade is made of hard metal, so it can cut through logs quickly and easily. This means that it will not wear out quickly and you can save money on regular sharpening. Some users report cutting up to 1,000 m3 of firewood without ever sharpening the blade. These machines also have quick-release blades, which make it easy to change them in a matter of seconds.

Circular saw blade for fire wood processors are a big and intimidating piece of equipment. The blades of these fire wood processors are sharp, and they spin at high speeds, which reduces the amount of sawdust created. They also have higher efficiency rates and lower operating costs.

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The Cord King CS20-40 is among the most efficient fire wood processors on the market. Its powerful and versatile engine is able to handle logs between 650mm and 6.5 meters in diameter. The model is also equipped with a 240-volt saw sharpening system. It is also durable, low noise, and self-contained with a sawdust collection shute.


A chainsaw is a powerful tool that is used to cut fire wood into small pieces. However, it can also be dangerous. Proper chain tension is essential for cutting, as is securely tightening the front and rear bar mounting nuts. Some older models do not have adequate safety guards on the splitting chamber, which can expose the operator to dangerous parts. To avoid this, use safety glasses and wear ear protection.

A chainsaw blade is a circular blade that moves rapidly due to the power of the motor. This blade moves in a circular motion, cutting the wood at a precise interval. Chainsaws for firewood processing are commonly powerful machines that cut logs at precise intervals. Chainsaws with a large cutting diameter are generally cheaper and run more efficiently, but their maintenance requires regular lubrication oil.

A 12 to 14-inch chainsaw blade is perfect for cutting branches and smaller trees. This small-scale model is also easier to control. Larger bar sizes, like sixteen to eighteen inches, are best for cutting large trees and maintaining properties. Moreover, they are more powerful and offer better control.

A chain saw is also available with a TCT (tungsten carbide) blade. These blades are made from similar materials to circular saw blades and are durable and long-lasting. A chainsaw blade with TCT technology can also be sharpened using a diamond blade or a dedicated file.

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A firewood processor uses a hydraulic chainsaw bar. Some models use a large circular saw blade (known as a slasher blade). A slasher blade is easy to set up and uses less maintenance after initial setup. The safety of the slasher blade has been proven over many decades. In fact, some people will not walk near a slasher blade. A traditional chainsaw bar, on the other hand, requires frequent oiling and maintenance.

When you are using a firewood processor, you must also regularly maintain the chainsaw and chain. Keeping the chain clean and free of dust will improve the efficiency of the saw. A dirty chain will let air in and make the saw run slower. Also, keep an eye on the drive links and make sure they are not rusty or loose. A chain that is too light can also make the saw slow to cut firewood.

Slasher blade

If you want to process firewood, a slasher blade for firewood processor is the perfect tool for the job. These blades are used to cut logs into smaller pieces, which are then transported to a splitter box. In addition to cutting wood, they also split it. A firewood processor is also portable, so you can move it around the yard as needed. Some models have an integrated conveyor, so you can move the wood from one location to another.

Firewood processors are made by Bell’s Machining, a company that has been in business for over three decades. They have seven different models to choose from, each with different features and capabilities. Each one is equipped with a one-year warranty. If you need a portable firewood processor, you can look into Bell’s mobile version, which comes with a portable stand and wheels.

Splitters are fitted with a hydraulic system that helps in splitting the firewood. These splitters can accommodate different diameter logs. Another feature of a log processor is that the individual logs are automatically centered relative to the splitter blades. This results in uniform firewood pieces, no matter how big or small the logs are.

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Several companies produce firewood processors with a slasher blade. The best one is the Cord King CS20-40. This processor can process logs up to 26 inches in diameter. However, Jim says that 24-inch logs are the ideal size for this model. The cord king is also known to work well with different-sized trees.

Slasher blade for fire wood processors comprise multiple blades that are linked to each other. The blade assembly is held on a post 132. This ram plate presses the logs against the blades. This creates wedge-shaped pieces of firewood. It is a great tool for splitting firewood.

A firewood processor may be operated by hydraulics. In some models, a user controls the machine by using an operator control station 22. This control station may include a manual joystick or other controls. The operator control station may also be associated with a group of hydraulic valves. The hydraulic pump is typically driven by an engine 56.

TCT blade

TCT blades are available in a variety of sizes to suit a variety of processing requirements. The TCT blade is a circular saw blade that uses cemented carbide to cut logs of up to 40 cm in diameter. This makes them ideal for use on larger logs. They are also durable and need no lubrication and are suitable for use in demanding environments.

TCT blades can be used on fire wood processors that use a chainsaw. They last ten to twenty times longer than conventional blades. As with other chainsaw blades, TCT blades have soldered carbide tips that can be sharpened with a diamond blade or specialized file.

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Chainsaws require lubrication between the chain bar. Some models of firewood processors offer automatic lubrication, allowing users to use less oil and reduce the amount of oil they use. The automatic lubrication system also reduces the amount of oil that gets into the sawdust. Biodegradable lubricants are available and are an excellent alternative to traditional petroleum-based products.

Firewood processors with circular blades may appear intimidating. However, they are much safer to operate. The large blade allows for a wider range of materials to be processed. The machine can split logs in two or more different directions, reducing the risk of a jam. The machine’s safety features mean that operators can work more efficiently and profitably.

Firewood processors can be mounted on skid-steers, excavators, wheel loaders, and tractors equipped with front-end loaders. The Halverson processor is made in the United States and has been praised by major firewood producers for years. They are highly durable and easy to maintain.

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