Choosing a Firewood Processor

If you’re looking to buy a firewood processor, there are many different models. These include the PTO, three-point hitch, Continental, and Pilkemaster. Let’s look at some of the main features of each model. Using these tips, you can choose the suitable processor for your needs.

PTO-powered firewood processor

A PTO-powered firewood processor requires a diesel engine with at least 20 to 35 horsepower. A compact model may be the best option for seasonal or smaller operations. It can be transported easily, easily stored, and delivers the same performance in all weather conditions. If you plan to move the processor from one location to another, you should choose one that is easy to set up and lift.

Compared to other firewood processors, PTO-powered firewood processors are more affordable. Moreover, they are highly portable because they are powered by a tractor. They are also cheaper than engine or electric-powered models. However, they are less efficient. They are less popular than engine-driven firewood processors, but they are still more affordable than the latter.

The Continental 480 is the fastest among the PTO-powered firewood processors, with a cutting diameter of 48 cm and a splitting force of 22 tons. It is equipped with a two-lever electrohydraulic control and can be operated by a processor or a crane. The PC 704 EZ/ 4 is another option powered by tractor hydraulics. It is also capable of stationary operation.

A PTO-powered firewood processor is an excellent choice for processing firewood. It will cut large logs into smaller logs and is ideal for home use. The machine is also designed to save time and effort. A PTO-powered firewood processor may also be used for transporting firewood.

Three-point hitch-powered firewood processor.

A compact PTO-powered firewood processor is an excellent option for seasonal use, as it doesn’t require any storage space and offers the same quality performance regardless of the weather. In addition, a quality processor is designed for easy transport and storage and is easy to lift and set up.

PTO-powered firewood processors are also less expensive than large diesel engines, and many small used tractors are cheaper. Another option is a compact firewood processor powered by a small generator, such as Hakki Pilke’s PowerPack. These units are almost maintenance-free, so you can use them for other purposes while running the processor.

The WP Wood Processor is an ergonomic and convenient choice for processing firewood. Its ergonomic design reduces back strain and allows you to process up to 1.5 cords per hour. Moreover, its ergonomic design offers a comfortable height for cutting firewood, reducing back pressure and increasing efficiency.

The Japa 395 has perfect split and clean technology, providing a consistent firewood size regardless of the log. It has sensors to measure wood output and a built-in lubrication system. Its four-way wedge knife is easily swapped out with a standard processor knife.

Pilkemaster EVO36

The Pilkemaster EVO36 is a three-point wood processor that has been designed with the needs of professional wood processors in mind. This machine features a hydraulic log deck to keep logs at the proper height as they enter the engine. The device also features two hydraulic rolls that sync with an infeed table. The control handle on the machine controls these hydraulic rolls. The infeed table is raised to allow logs to roll up to the device, and the patented handle helps pick out the first log.

The Pilkemaster EVO36 firewood processor has a double hydraulic pump that can split more significant pieces of hardwood. It is easy to move and is equipped with a 3-point tractor hitch. It also comes with a guide plate for easy transport. This machine is also road legal and has a two-year warranty on the gasoline engine.

The Pilkemaster EVO36 firewood processor has a splitting knife that can be adjusted to reduce the force required to split logs. It is also equipped with handles near the splitting groove so that you can use it as a horizontal wood splitter. It also comes with optional splitting knives. To purchase one of these machines, contact Saatotuli Canada, a distributor of Pilkemaster machinery. Saatotuli Canada can provide you with a quote.

Continental 480

The Continental 480 is one of the best firewood processors on the market. It features a cutting diameter of 48 cm and a splitting force of 22 tons. This machine can be operated with a single joystick. It comes equipped with an OREGON Armor bar and 404 pitch chain, both of which are easily accessible from the operator’s side. It also features a hydraulically rotated guide bar and conveyor with a maximum length of 5 meters.


The Tajfun 3-point wood processor is designed to process up to 32cm in diameter. Its twin splitters are equipped with manual lever and joystick controls. These firewood processors can produce up to 25 tonnes of splitting force. They are available in several sizes. They can also be tractor mounted.

This firewood processor is the flagship of the Tajfun firewood processing line. This model features a joystick-controlled, large-capacity firewood processor with a 55 HP Hatz diesel. It also features a 40-Tf splitting ram and a programmable touch screen. The system requires little maintenance and can be operated easily by the owner.

The Tajfun firewood processor features a three-point linkage system that easily links it to a tractor. It also comes with a foldable infeed conveyor and a hydraulic log holder that prevents overturning. Another feature of this machine is its high-speed chainsaw.

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