Choosing a Tractor Mounted Wood Processor

When deciding which tractor-mounted wood processor to buy, there are many factors to consider. These include power output, safety features, and ease of use. Some models are portable, while others require storage on-site. The model should also have adequate power to process large amounts of firewood. It should also be easy to maintain and have a regular maintenance schedule.

Cord King HFP160

The HFP160 firewood processor is a high-production firewood processor. Installed on a suitable carrier, it picks up logs from the ground and splits them into 4, 6, or 8 pieces. The compact and mobile machine can deposit split logs on a conveyor or the floor.

The Cord King HFP160 has a patented design and is suitable for commercial and residential use. It can produce nine thousand full cords annually and process up to ten lines an hour. It is available from Dunlap Enterprises, which sells various firewood processing equipment.

This Cord King firewood processor has been on the market since 1978 and has eight models. These machines are priced between K and 0,000, making them affordable for most firewood producers. They are sold in Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, England, and South America. The HFP160 is an excellent choice for any firewood producer looking to increase their productivity. It can process nine thousand cords annually, with two to four seconds cycles. It has a 10-foot log arm and is easy to maneuver.

A mighty diesel engine powers this tractor-mounted wood processor. Its saw has carbide teeth and a cutting-to-cut cycle of fewer than three seconds. Depending on their thickness, this cord-king machine can split logs four to six ways. It weighs twelve hundred and fifty pounds and has a 540-rpm PTO.

Japa 365+ Pro

The Japa 365+ Pro tractor-mounted wood processing unit is a powerful machine for firewood processing. It uses a Honda iGX700 engine, a PTO, and a three-phase electrical system. This machine is capable of cutting and splitting logs of different lengths. It has high uptime and a low cost of ownership. It comes with a short-throw joystick for easy operation.

The Japa 365+ Pro tractor-mounted wood processing unit has a Honda iGX700 gas engine with an electronic governor and fuel injection. Its hydraulics are thoroughly professional and well-designed for efficient operation. The machine also has a hydraulic log lift, a log lifter, and a feed roller.

The Japa 365+ Pro-tractor-mounted wood processing unit is available in two versions, Basic and Pro. The Basic version is more affordable, and you can purchase it in USD. It also includes freight to a Japa dealer. However, the Japa 365+ Pro comes with multiple quality-of-life improvements.

The Japa 365+ Pro tractor-mounted wood processing unit is highly customizable. It is capable of chopping logs between 23 and 55 cm in diameter. It also features a spiral blade cutter for an even cut. It requires low power and can chop multiple logs simultaneously. Furthermore, it features a wide output conveyor that avoids jamming.


The EcoPro300 tractor-mounted wood processor comes with a host of features. For instance, it can cut and split wood in one operation. It can also produce over a cord of firewood per hour. Moreover, it has an extra-torque 27-ton engine, which is excellent for large wood piles.

The EcoPro300 wood processor has several safety features, including cages around the main action areas. It also has a log hold-down lever, which holds the log while the hydraulic chainsaw cuts it. As the record is cut, the lever will automatically lower the log into the splitter. Additionally, it features a height-adjustable two-leg front support, which helps the operator maintain a balanced position while operating.

Another great feature of this tractor-mounted wood processor is its mobility. It can be transported with its lifting device. It can also be connected to a tractor’s front hitch. This means it can be used for purposes other than running a firewood processor. And the best part is that it’s practically maintenance-free.

The compact design of this tractor-mounted wood processor makes it easy to store and occupies minimal space in a shed. These processors are very safe to operate and deliver the same quality results in weather conditions. They can start in temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit and warm up within a few minutes of starting. Furthermore, these processors do not require any yearly maintenance.

Range-Road RR270PTO

The Range-Road RR270PTO tractor-mounted wood processor is a high-performance firewood processor with a cutting capacity of more than a cord per hour. It features an industry-leading cut-to-cut cycle time of three to five seconds and can process logs up to 16 inches in diameter. It is lightweight and easy to transport and comes with a two-year warranty.

This tractor-mounted wood processor features a large wedge 7.5 inches wide and six inches deep. It will process large logs, even those up to 12 feet long. This wood processor also produces 24-inch rounds. Its large cutting capacity makes it perfect for processing large trees. In addition, it is powered by a two-stroke engine that delivers up to thirty tons of pressure.

Logger Head Wood Processor

A Logger Head tractor-mounted wood processor is an essential equipment for forestry workers. This device uses a high-powered hot saw to cut trees up to 24 inches in diameter. Its predecessors used a shear or chainsaw. The latest models have improved visibility and control.

Logger Head tractors are available with a slasher buncher or grapple skidder. These machines cut logs into desired lengths and stack them in piles on the ground. They can also be used to load and unload trucks. Typically, grapple processors are equipped with size and diameter-measurement devices. Another option is a grapple skidder, a four-wheel rubber-tired tractor with articulated steering. These machines lift and process logs, making them easier to transport and unload.

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