Deliciously Authentic Piacere Wood Fired Pizza – Cooking with Fire

What is Piacere Wood Fired Pizza?

Piacere Wood Fired Pizza is an Italian-style pizza made with freshly-made dough, cooked in a wood-fired oven at high temperatures. Piacere Wood Fired Pizza is characterized by its thin crust, its light and crispy texture, and an array of traditional and creative toppings. It is cooked to perfection with the smoky flavor of the wood-fired oven, bringing out the authentic flavors of the ingredients used in the pizza. Piacere Wood Fired Pizza is a delicious, unique and unforgettable dining experience.

Introduction to Piacere Wood Fired Pizzas: What Makes them So Special?

Piacere Wood Fired Pizzas are something special. Made with fresh, high quality ingredients and a passion for pizza-making that is unrivaled in the pizza-loving world, their unique approach to crafting the perfect pie makes them an absolute treat. The key to understanding what sets these pizzas apart is in understanding how they’re made.

At Piacere, each pizza is carefully handcrafted by experienced wood fired oven masters – trained in the art of pie-crafting. What really sets these pizzas apart from traditional Neapolitan styles is their focus on using only premium ingredients and real wood burning ovens. Unlike commercial ovens that blast your pizza with dry heat, Piacere’s wood fired ovens use hot flames to generate intense heat and cook pizzas faster than ever before. This helps seal in all of those delicious flavors you can find only in freshly cooked Italian pizzas.

By coupling this technique with amazing toppings (they offer some of the most delicious combinations imaginable) what you get is an absolutely unique experience – every time! No matter where you’ve had a great slice before, Piacere Wood Fired Pizzas will have you coming back for more. There’s simply no substitute for an authentic taste made just for you by true Pie people who understand what it means to make a pizza like never before!

How to Choose the Perfect Piacere Wood Fired Pizza for You

Choosing the perfect Piacere Wood Fired Pizza for you is an important decision that requires careful consideration. There are a variety of factors to consider such as size, topping selection, and crust style.

First, consider the size of your pizza. The size will depend on how many people you are feeding and how much appetite everyone has. If you only have a few people or if everyone has small appetites, then the 12” pizza may be the right option for you. For groups with larger appetites or those who want leftovers, then the 18″ is better suited for that crowd. The 24” option is recommended for bigger parties or large family gatherings so nobody goes hungry!

Next, think about your favorite toppings and what flavors you want to incorporate in your pizza pie. Both sides of the menu offer a nice selection if your craving is leaning toward traditional pizza toppings like pepperoni and sausage or if you’re in the mood for something more unique like eggplant parmigiana or roasted bell peppers and sun-dried tomatoes – there’s a topping combination for everyone to enjoy! Remember that all ingredients used in Piacere Wood Fired Pizza pies are top quality and fresh from local growers whenever possible so no matter what combination of toppings you choose – it’s sure to be tasty!

Finally, consider which type of crust suits your tastes best – thin crust, thick crust or maybe even focaccia? Each one brings different texture and flavor combinations depending on which kind works best with your toppings selection. Thin crust provides a snapier texture whereas thicker crust offers up more chewiness when bitten into making them both viable options depending on personal preference – also don’t forget about gluten free options if needed!

With these three considerations accounted for selecting the perfect Piacere Wood Fired Pizza should be simple! With any choice made here at our Italian eatery satisfaction is guaranteed meaning this delicious experience is one that won’t soon be forgotten!

Step-by-Step Guide on Preparing a Piacere Wood Fired Pizza


Nothing satisfies a group of hungry friends better than a homemade Piacere Wood Fired Pizza. This step-by-step guide makes the job easy and ensures that your piacere is tasty and delicious every time. Every good pizza starts with some careful preparation and this article covers all of the steps necessary to get you well on your way to making an outstanding home cooked meal.

Gathering Your Ingredients

A freshly made pizza requires quality ingredients: organic tomatoes, fresh herbs, cold pressed olive oil, the freshest mozzarella cheese available, and high grade flour are essential to creating a savory, gourmet pizza. It is also important not to overlook some of the less glamorous but equally indispensable components such as kosher salt, sugar and yeast (optional).

Mixing & Kneading The Dough

Before beginning the kneading process it is important to mix together your flour with salt in a large bowl before adding water. Now it’s time for kneading – use one hand to hold down the dough while other turns it around in an arc fashion until it becomes soft and pliable enough that you can stretch it out into base. Once you have done this, break off pieces from the ball for each individual piadina and roll them out circular about 12 inches wide. Allow them to rest on lightly floured surfaces prior to getting any toppings on them – this allows them to rise properly so they bake evenly as well as giving a light texture after cooking.

Adding toppings & BakingYour Piacere

Once your piadella bases are ready spread tomato sauce over them evenly leaving some 1/2 inch between edge of pie crusts untouched so they’ll be nice crispy when finished baking! Now sprinkle mozzarella cheese evenly over top omitting any preferred ingredients like olives or spinach depending upon taste preferences; again try yielding more towards edges so there’s more room for potatoes etc., Then finally drizzle some olive oil onto pizzas ensuring its uniformly distributed across all pies — this helps keep moisture locked within during baking process which leads exponentially greater flavors being released by searing hot wood fired oven! Bake pizzas at 550°F for no longer than 8 minutes or until golden brown color has been achieved on bottom side . . . excellent now its ready serve directly from oven serve piping hot!

Frequently Asked Questions about Piacere Wood Fired Pizzas

What is the origin of Piacere Wood Fired Pizzas?

Piacere Wood Fired Pizzas are based on an authentic Neapolitan style pizza, using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients available. The recipes originate from the Campania region of Italy, just south of Naples, where wood fired ovens have been used for many centuries to create unique and delicious pizzas. As our wood fired pizzas combine traditional methods with modern technology, we can provide you with a truly remarkable experience.

What makes Piacere Wood Fired Pizza different?

Our pizzas are made fresh to order in Italian-style wood fired ovens heated up to 500 degrees Celsius (twice as hot as domestic ovens), giving them their distinct flavor and texture. We use only the finest Italian flour specifically designed to work best in these very high temperatures combined with top-quality tomato sauces, cheeses and toppings creating perfect pies that are designed to make your taste buds come alive with pleasure each time you take a bite! Additionally, our exclusive combination of herbs and spices used on all of our pizzas gives them an extra touch that stands out above the competition.

Is there anything besides pizza served at Piacere?

Piacere offers some amazing side dishes too – freshly made salads packed full of flavor, tasty appetizers like garlic breadsticks brushed with olive oil and rosemary. Plus delicious desserts like homemade baked cheesecake or even warm cookies topped off with scoop of gelato for that perfectly balanced sweet finish! Our goal is always to make sure you’re completely satisfied when you dine with us regardless if it is for pizza or something else from our menu!

Are there vegetarian options at Piacere?

Yes! We offer several vegetarian options – including veggie-filled calzones, white pies topped with combination of fresh vegetables & herbs along with ricotta & mozzarella cheese; plus signature green salads adding sweet cherry tomatoes tomatoes & crunchy cucumber slices bursting with flavor. For those who may be dairy free as well — we offer vegan pizzas crafted without any animal products & complete substitute ingredients ensuring they remain naturally lactose free while still being incredibly flavorful & fulfilling on your taste buds

The Top 5 Facts about Piacere Wood Fired Pizzas

1. Piacere Wood Fired Pizzas are made with fresh, authentic Italian ingredients. All of their pizzas are crafted from the finest flour, tomatoes, and other natural ingredients that come straight from Italy. The dough is made with an old-fashioned hand-pressing technique, ensuring each pizza is as light and airy as possible.

2. Piacere’s wood fire ovens cook their pizzas at a perfect temperature of 500°F. This intense heat creates a crisp crust and locks in the taste of traditional Italian pizza.

3. Piacere’s Pizzaiolo chefs have decades of experience crafting delicious pies and understand the importance of balanced flavor combinations and quality ingredients. Every pizza they create is built perfectly to bring out the best in each ingredient and deliver an unforgettable taste sensation!

4. At Piacere Wood Fired Pizza, no shortcuts are taken when it comes to creating the perfect pizza pie! They focus on slow cooking methods without compromising on flavor or quality – assuring that every single bite has been cooked just right for maximum flavor and satisfaction!

5. When it comes to Piacere Wood Fired Pizzas you’re sure to get top-notch service as well! The staff takes pride in providing superior customer service by going above and beyond for each guest who visits for lunch or dinner – making Piacere one of the most popular spots for Italian dining in town!

Conclusion: Why Choose a Piacere Wood Fired Pizza?

Piacere Wood Fired Pizza should be your top choice for a perfect pizza experience. All of their pizzas are cooked in traditional wood fired ovens, and ingredients are all brought in fresh every day to ensure that every pizza is perfect. The dough is handmade right on site, giving each pizza its own unique flavor and crunch. The wood fire gives the crust an unmistakable smoky flavor that simply cannot be recreated any other way. In addition to the amazing flavor profiles, piacere also has a diverse range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available – just ask!

Their staff is 100% committed to providing the best dining experience possible alongside with excellent customer service. They serve up piping hot pies alongside with a brilliant selection of craft beers and wines complimenting your meal perfectly.

Piacere also offers catering for any size event or party; so you can bring the taste of Italy and their delectable pies with you wherever you go! With all this in mind, Piacere Wood Fire Pizza is undoubtedly one of the best pizza spots around -choosing them guarantees satisfaction and great memories made.