DYNA Products Is a Firewood Processor With Headquarters in Millington, Michigan

DYNA Products is a leading firewood processor with its headquarters in Millington, Michigan. This small town is strategically located just off of the heavily traveled I-75. The close proximity to I-75 improves logistics for Millington and greatly reduces total travel time for most of DYNA’s customer base. Additionally, the Millington area offers rail transport facilities, which allow the company to quickly and easily supply its west coast warehouse.

DYNA Products

DYNA Products is a leading manufacturer of firewood processing equipment. With forty employees, this company serves a diverse customer base. As a growing company, Dyna Products faced a number of challenges. Most notably, a high rework rate. Additionally, the company had to outsource some of its fabrications and processes. As a result, Dyna Products sought to implement a lean manufacturing system.

DYNA Products focuses on firewood processing machinery and offers a wide variety of firewood processing equipment and rental services to meet the needs of customers across the United States. They are committed to quality and offer a strong warranty on their firewood processors.

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Firewood processors from Dyna Products are designed to split large logs into smaller pieces. They can process up to 22 feet long logs and split four cords of firewood per hour. Customers can also upgrade their machines with hydraulic log loaders. The company also emphasizes customer service after the sale. If there is ever a problem, customers can contact their customer service department.

DYNA Products is a leading manufacturer of firewood processors for home use. Their SC-14 and SC-16 firewood processors are affordable and highly efficient. The SC-14’s seven-second split cycle enables it to chop up two cords per hour. Moreover, the SC-14’s ergonomic joystick control allows the operator to control the machine easily. It also has an easy-to-use operator station and is easy to tow from wood yard to work sites or rental sites.


The DYNA SC-15 Firewood Processor is a high output wood processor, capable of processing thousands of cords of wood per year. It features upgraded safety features and comes with a three-year warranty. It has a tandem axle, a hydraulic deck lifter, a sawdust chute, and an output frame designed to be highly efficient. It can process thousands of cords of firewood per year and is very easy to operate.

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DYNA firewood processors have an ergonomic design, hydraulic deck lifters, adjustable height belt conveyor, and multiple splitter configurations. The machine also features an easy-to-read color LCD and dual axles for added safety. It also features a three-year warranty and a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

DYNA firewood processors can process up to 22-foot logs. They can split up to four cords of firewood per hour. DYNA firewood processors are also classified as agricultural equipment and are eligible for loans from most farm lenders. The company also has a Rent-to-Own program that offers a variety of unique features. This rental program is offered by DYNA nationwide, and it allows for no credit line tie-up.

Hakki Pilke 55 Pro

If you’re looking for a quality wood processor, the Hakki Pilke 55 Pro is an excellent option. This machine features a wide belt for separating debris from firewood. This unit also features a fully automatic greasing system and five active safety covers.

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This wood processor is designed to be a highly effective professional firewood processor. Its hydraulic pump and 27-ton ram can split logs into two, four, or six pieces. It is highly efficient and has a high capacity of 2 cords per hour.


DYNA Products is an industry leader in firewood processors and is headquartered in Millington, Michigan. This location is strategically located off the heavily traveled I-75, which greatly improves logistics for most of the company’s customer base. Additionally, Millington’s railroad facilities provide convenient rail transportation to DYNA’s west coast warehouse.

This company sells firewood processors, boats, and parts. They also sell an SC-15 firewood processor with an integrated conveyor belt that’s 14′ long. The SC-15 can process thousands of cords a year and is powered by a Kohler/Lombardini 56 engine.

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This wood processor is easily portable and quick to set up. It has a 13 HP Honda motor, and a 20 HP Honda motor for more powerful processing. It can process one cord of firewood per hour, and it is equipped with a heavy duty 18″ harvester bar that cuts fast. It also features a 6-way bundling wedge, which can cut up to 10″ diameter logs. Its joystick controls make it easy to use. The manual log clamp and the automatic saw start allow the operator to process large logs quickly. Alternatively, a hydraulic log clamp is available.

The SC-14 firewood processor is an affordable and efficient model. It has a seven-second split cycle and an integrated conveyor. It also features a Log Lifter mechanism to eliminate the need for a loader. It also comes with a high-performance version, the SC-12XP, with a 20-hp HONDA gas motor and enhanced splitting acceleration.

This wood processor is designed for small wood businesses, homeowners, and farmers. It can be easily moved by an ATV. Its hydraulic system can split logs into two or four pieces depending on the size. It can process a cord of firewood an hour, and is equipped with an independent hydraulic system. The machine can also be equipped with a 3-point hitch for added versatility.

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