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If you are looking for a firewood processor, consider looking at the DYNA SC-14 firewood processor. There are also similar options, such as the Dyna SC-15 and DYNA SC-16. These products can help you process wood in a variety of ways. However, they do require some maintenance.

DYNA SC-14 firewood processor

If you’re looking for a firewood processor for home or business use, you can look no further than a DYNA machine. Its two-year warranty covers repair, exchange, or replacement. A rental agreement also backs it for a fixed rate. In addition, DYNA offers resale deals for used machines.

The DYNA SC-14 Firewood Processor features a robust design and high output performance. The machine can split up to four cords per hour. The device also comes with an adjustable conveyor height and upgraded safety features. The DYNA SC-15 firewood processor has upgraded safety features, a three-year warranty, and dual tandem axles for easy mobility. This model is easy to use and is built to last with standard features.

DYNA produces industry-leading firewood processors and also offers a rental fleet. Its models can split up to 22-foot logs and process up to four cords of firewood per hour. They are durable and easy to use, which is why so many firewood producers turn to DYNA for their firewood processing needs.

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Depending on your needs, you can choose between two models. The SC-15 Firewood Processor has a 14-foot integrated conveyor and can process thousands of cords annually. It can also be used to build large firewood piles. And, if you need a bigger firewood processor, there’s a DYNA SC-16 Tandem Axle Firewood Processor.

The SC-14 Firewood Processor has a Kohler diesel engine that provides exceptional power and is the perfect choice for home use. This 18-horsepower firewood processor offers all the features you’d expect from a larger model without the high price tag. DYNA also provides a full warranty on its machines.

The SC-14 Firewood Processor is available in two models, each with a different power source. The 34-HP CAT diesel engine and the PTO-driven model start at $21,500. Depending on the model, you can process up to 2 cords per hour. It features a 20-inch harvester bar, a 4-way adjustable wedge, and a 4″x24″ hydraulic cylinder. The machine also has a Hi-Lo Circuit for increased splitter performance and cycle times.

This firewood processor has a durable industrial frame and is easy to use. It splits logs into 2-16 pieces. Then, a conveyor pulls the split round to a woodpile or delivery vehicle. DYNA firewood processors are an excellent option for splitting large logs. These machines are easy to operate and come with a two-year warranty.

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DYNA SC-15 firewood processor

The DYNA SC-15 firewood processor is ideal for firewood processing. It has a durable industrial-size frame and is fast and high-output. Its ten chains and 1 bar allow for easy momentum while processing rounds. It also has an electric trailer brake control and a color LCD control panel.

The DYNA SC-15 firewood processor is ideal for home and commercial use. It is built with an industrial-grade frame, and a high-speed chain saw. It also has a one-bar splitting system and a high-output pump. It has a three-year warranty and can be purchased online or through a local dealer.

The DYNA SC-15 firewood processor is an excellent choice if you need a powerful machine to process thousands of cords of firewood. It has a 14-foot conveyor, sawdust chute, and tandem axles to handle larger jobs. This machine can also process wood logs up to 14 inches in diameter. Its large capacity and high speed make it ideal for commercial and residential use.

DYNA offers three different models of firewood processors. The DYNA SC-14 firewood processor is portable and ideal for home use, while the DYNA SC-15 and SC-16 firewood processors are more significant and ideal for commercial use. Its price range is between $23,000 and tens of thousands of dollars. The DYNA SC-14 firewood processor is the cheapest, while the DYNA SC-15 and the SC-16 can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

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The DYNA SC-15 firewood processor has a 1000 mm cutting capacity, and a powerful 16-foot hydraulic cylinder makes it possible to process thousands of cords annually. It has a 5″ x 30″ hydraulic cylinder and a 16-foot hydraulic cylinder. A Kohler/Lombardini 56 engine powers it.

DYNA firewood processors are the best choices for firewood processing. They are low-maintenance and affordable. And they are known for their durability. However, you need to choose the one that meets your specific needs. You should also consider the performance of your firewood processor before purchasing one. It should be powerful enough to handle 16’10” logs.

The DYNA SC-15 firewood processor is the best choice if you want a high-quality, affordable firewood processor. It’s easy to use and has four parts that work together to split and cut firewood quickly and efficiently. It’s essential to de-lime the logs and cut them to the correct lengths before processing. Once the records have been split, you can cut them into billets that meet your needs. There are many different manufacturers of firewood processors. Some are sold commercially, while individuals use others. Some are also available for rent.

DYNA SC-16 firewood processor

The DYNA SC-16 firewood processor is a high-quality machine for commercial use. It has a two-year warranty and can be repaired, exchanged, or replaced if necessary. It can split up to four sixteen-foot logs per hour. Its standard features include a gas engine and two deck arms.

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The DYNA SC-16 firewood processor is compact and easy to operate. Towing the machine will require a tow vehicle with an electric trailer brake control. It has a four-way splitter, hydraulic deck lifters, four wedges, and an automatic piston saw upgrade. The unit can process a full cord of ten-foot logs per hour and handle up to four records simultaneously.

Another high-output firewood processor is the DYNA SC-15. This machine has an industrial-sized frame, a high-speed tandem axle, a hydraulic deck lifter, and a sawdust chute. It can process thousands of cords per year. It can be used for commercial and residential use.

Depending on your needs, DYNA firewood processors range in price. A miniature model can process up to two cords per hour, while a larger model can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Both have an ergonomic joystick and are portable. The DYNA SC-15 firewood processor is one of the company’s top sellers, but the smaller DYNA SC-14 is best for home use.

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