Fabtek 2000 Wood Processor

A Fabtek 2000 wood processor is the largest of the company’s three new purposebuilt harvester processors. Compared to a traditional four-ton chainsaw, it can handle the equivalent of three chainsaw tandems. Fabtek also offers smaller versions, like the FT133, which has been in the market for about two years.

Fabtek FT133 tracked boom harvester

A Fabtek FT133 tracked boom harvesting system has an 18-inch harvester/processor head and has replaced teams of chainsaw operators with remarkable efficiency. This harvester weighs 35,000 pounds and is powered by a John Deere 6068T engine. Its parts are durable, serviceable, and can handle small pieces of wood.

The FT133 has an easy-to-use computer control system built into the cab. This system integrates control wiring and delivers precision control unmatched by other systems. It also has a single computer screen that monitors all carrier functions, which includes four operator presets.

Fabtek 2000 Wood Processor photo 3

Fabtek has also introduced a larger model, the FT153. Both carriers are designed for an 18-inch harvester/processor head. In addition, the company has introduced two forwarders, the 544C and the 546C. The FT133 weighs 35,000 pounds, and it is powered by a 155-hp John Deere 6068T engine.

It features a high-back fully adjustable seat, armrest-mounted mini-lever joysticks, and large storage areas. It also has a rear window with insect screen, and larger service access doors with a wide debris cleanout. Moreover, the operator’s seat is equipped with spring-suspension.

Fabtek FT153

The Fabtek FT153 wood processor is an automated harvester that opens new sources of timber for the New Brunswick logger. This machine is easy to operate and maintain, and features an operator-friendly computer control system. Its cab-interior computer monitors all functions of the carrier. The machine also features four operator presets, which simplify operation.

Fabtek 2000 Wood Processor photo 2

It weighs 35,000 pounds and comes equipped with a John Deere 6068T engine, which is good enough to power three tandem chainsaws. It also has two forwarders, the 544C and 546C. The FT153 is the larger model of the new line of purpose-built harvester processors. Its carrier is designed for an 18-inch harvester/processor head.

The Fabtek FT133 tracked boom harvester with 18-inch harvester/processor head is also a great choice. Its 155-horsepower engine is enough to handle up to 35,000 pounds. It is ideal for small-scale home-based firewood processors and can process up to five cords or 90 cables per day.

Fabtek FT133 wood processor

The Fabtek FT133 wood processor is one of the most versatile machines on the market. Its head harvests all merchantable wood within a specified area and processes it down to six inches butt for lumber and five inches butt for pulpwood. Its long reach allows the operator to keep up with the skidder while harvesting. With four operator presets and an integrated hydraulic system, the FT133 is simple to operate and maintain.

Fabtek 2000 Wood Processor photo 1

The Fabtek FT133 tracked boom harvester features an 18-inch harvester/processor head. It has a 155 horsepower engine and can handle up to 35,000 pounds of wood. It is an efficient, high-performance machine, perfect for commercial and home-based forestry projects. Its heavy-duty frame, 18-inch harvester/processor head, and track frame are just a few of the features that make it the perfect choice for large-scale forestry operations.

Currently, Fabtek offers two models of this wood processor: the FT133 and the FT153. Both models feature an 18-inch harvester/processor head. The FT133 is powered by a 155-horsepower John Deere 6068T engine.

Fabtek CS-Series firewood processor

The Fabtek CS-Series fire wood processors are among the best available firewood processors today. They are designed for both large and small operations, and come with features that make them ideal for home use. All of them are equipped with a high-quality hydraulic cut-off saw and a large oil tank. Moreover, all of them come with an integrated conveyor and a measuring grid.

Fabtek 2000 Wood Processor photo 0

The FT133 tracked boom harvester and CS-Series firewood processors are powerful and provide superior performance. The FT133 can handle a load of 35,000 pounds and has 155 horsepower. It is an efficient and reliable machine, and is designed to replace teams of operators. The Fabtek CS-Series fire wood processors can process five cords of firewood a day. Moreover, the CS-Series processor is equipped with two-roller processing heads.

Wolverine M portable firewood processor

The Wolverine M portable firewood processor is an ideal tool for homeowners, farmers, and small wood businesses. It’s easy to transport and is equipped with a 10 HP engine and 2 stage hydraulic pump for easy splitting and cutting. It can split logs up to 24 inches in diameter and is adjustable for length.

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