Factors to Consider When Buying a Wallenstein Wood Processor

If you’re considering purchasing a Wallenstein wood processor, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. These factors include lead time, price, size, and availability. If you’re looking to purchase one for your business, consider these factors before you buy. You can save time and money if you buy a suitable machine for the job.

Lead time

Whether starting your own firewood business or needing to process firewood for clients, the Task power WP845 is the ideal wood processor. It’s the largest Zipcord Wood Processor made by Wallenstein and one of the most productive units in its class. It’s perfect for commercial firewood merchants, hire businesses, large farms, and civil contractors.

The Wallenstein WP Wood Processor provides an ergonomic design for comfort and convenience, reducing the need for back strain while processing logs. It processes up to 1.5 cords per hour and eliminates the need for heavy lifting. It also offers a three-year warranty, making it an excellent choice for firewood processing needs.


The Wallenstein wood processor is great for small businesses and home use. This heavy-duty piece of equipment has a high capacity and is highway towable. It also has features like LED lights, a three-point hitch, and a torque axle. There are seven solid color models and a Realtree EDGE (TM) camouflage model. Each model can handle logs up to 16 inches in diameter.


When your business relies on efficiently processing firewood, you can make your life easier by investing in a Wallenstein wood processor. This machine is lightweight, easy to transport, and will increase productivity while minimizing handling and physical strain. And, thanks to its single-action control system, you can quickly process up to 1.5 cords of wood an hour.

The Wallenstein WP series of wood processors feature an ergonomically designed feed chipper. These machines are capable of processing materials up to one inch in diameter and will reduce back strain and fatigue. The Wallenstein WP845 firewood processor is available for under 00 and will process 1.5 cords an hour, with an auto cycle feature and a single-action control.


Firewood processing is no longer a back-breaking chore with a Wallenstein wood processor. This high-performance machine eliminates back strain by offering a comfortable cutting height and single-action control. It processes up to 1.5 cords per hour and is portable and affordable. A handy Auto Cycle feature allows the operator to control the speed and pulverize as many wood pieces as possible with one action.

The Wallenstein WP1624 is the latest addition to the Wallenstein wood processor range. It is a competent mobile processor that is affordable and built in Canada. It has impressive features, a two-year commercial warranty, and a rental guarantee. It is also straightforward to operate and comes in a variety of colors.


A Wallenstein wood processor could be the perfect option to make your work more productive. These powerful machines improve ergonomics and reduce back strain as they have an adjustable height and handle up to 1.5 cords of wood per hour. They have hydraulic roller feed systems and four segmented knives to chop wood of various sizes. Plus, they’re incredibly portable and cost-effective.

One of the most popular Wood Processors from Wallenstein is the Task power WP845, the largest model in its class. This machine is perfect for commercial firewood merchants; firewood hires companies, large farmers, and civil contractors. The Wallenstein WP875 has a two-year commercial and rental warranty and an instructional manual that walks you through its use and provides service information. The WP875 is also available in a wide range of solid colors and is made with a powerful Honda engine.

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